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5 Design Trends for New Homes in Brisbane

The house prices in Sydney and Eastern coast cities are expected to rise by 5% to 10% this year. Owing to this, many Australian residents are looking to construct their homes. Many people are always on the lookout for the most popular trends to copy. This article gives you five design trends for new homes in Brisbane.

1. Smaller House Trend Is In

Gone are the days when big was considered beautiful. If you look at the current design trends, you will see new home builders in Brisbane, building lots of smaller houses. A large number of Australian residents are downsizing their house due to many factors like low maintenance costs.

According to research carried out in major Australian cities, the findings show the average new house built has an area of 228.8 square metres. It is the smallest size of the house in the last 17 years.

The decrease in the size of houses has encouraged people to make the most out of the outdoors. The reduction in house size has allowed people to gain more space in the backyard. There is a growing trend of having a vertical garden with built-in furniture to create a relaxing space.

2. The Popularity of Simple House Design Is on the Rise

If you are interested in learning about popular design trends, you would be surprised to know most Brisbane homeowners prefer terraced houses or single storey duplexes. Simple house design allows people to maintain a low maintenance lifestyle. If you look at the recent houses built by new home builders in Brisbane, they are more cookie-cutter homes that do not have a distinctive style.

Brisbane residents are okay with charmless neighbourhoods and prefer a simple yet chic house design.

  •  Sustainable Upgrades

The Australian government has enacted laws that require housebuilders to embrace environmentally friendly structures. Today, home builders put a lot of emphasis on energy and water-efficient house designs. Building regulations in Australia has pushed the real estate market and construction companies to explore energy-efficient designs.

3. Minimalist Interiors

Just like the simple house design, Australians prefer minimalistic interiors. These interiors are not inviting and more inclined to provide comfort than cool looks. It does not mean all is plain white and lifeless in the house. People are investing in soothing interiors, plush fabrics, and soft lighting.

4. Well-Being Is a New Design Trend

Most people who are building new houses want their home to be sanctuaries that will help them escape the impersonal world of technology. Bathrooms are more likely to have vanity ware, dark tiles, soft towels, and scented candles. Bedrooms have a vintage feel, luxurious rugs, and lots of cushions.

5. Retro Revival

Warm neutrals and earthy tone trends are in. Nostalgia has always been an influencer of trends, and you can see it happening now. Australian people prefer terracotta, mustard, muddy and rusty colours to create sanctuaries.

The Hamptons style has also made a comeback. It has become the new favourite and the design trend is likely to continue in the next decade. People have evolved from traditional blue and white colours and shifted to mustards and muted greens in the design and home décor.