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Great Gadgets to Improve Your Car/RV Travel Experience

Whether you own a car or a recreational vehicle (RV), you will always be happy to improve your travel experience. New products are entering the market every day, and some of them are worth having. Here, we take a look at a few of the best gadgets that will make driving around a much more comfortable and satisfying experience.

Top 7 Gadgets for Comfortable Travel

To give you a head start in your quest for car and RV gadgets, we have compiled this list of the seven best products you would love to have. Each of these products has received good reviews from verified customers who have used them. Let’s jump right in!

1. evaCHILL Personal Air Cooler

Check price on Amazon ($99 in Spring 2021)

Manufactured by Evapolar, this is an evaporative air cooler you can carry around in your car or RV. This portable car air conditioner has an ample tank to keep the unit supplied with water for up to nine hours. The evaCHILL cooler runs on a laptop, power bank, or power socket.

The device works based on the cooling effect of naturally evaporating water. When you switch on the unit, the cooling pads receive water. As air passes over the wet pads, it becomes cool, thus cooling the surrounding areas. Unlike air conditioners, the evaCHILL cooler also purifies and humidifies the air and doesn’t use harmful refrigerant gases.

Evapolar uses its patented evaBreeze® material for its cooling pads. This is a non-organic nanomaterial made from mineral fibers. Because of its inorganic nature, the pad material will prevent bacteria and mold accumulation, thereby eliminating unpleasant odors.


  • Ultraportable device;
  • Convenient handle;
  • Whisper-quiet noise level;
  • Eco-friendly appliance;
  • Water surround system.


  • Does not cool a room, recommended to use for personal cooling.


  • In-built handle;
  • Low power consumption of only 7.5 watts;
  • Cooling effect for a personal space;
  • Inorganic, material inside the cartridge;
  • Non toxic Freon-like liquids.

Spigen Kuel QS11 Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount

Check price on Amazon ($11.99 in Spring 2021)

Use your mobile phone in the car safely with this magnetic mount fixed to the air vent. It works best with a Spigen phone case but is effective with other models as well. You stick a metal strip inside the case, and the magnets inside the mount secure your phone firmly. You can rotate your phone to any position when it’s attached to the mount.


  • Four strong magnets hold the phone securely;
  • No adhesive residue;
  • Easy rotation;
  • Simple to install and use;
  • Slim design.


  • May not work well with thick phone cases;
  • Metal plates can hamper wireless charging;
  • The mount tends to become loose on the vent over time. If you want a stable and strong phone mount, you can check this cup holder phone mount by Cell Phone Seat.


  • Rugged hexagonal shape;
  • Sleek carbon fiber accents;
  • Two rectangular metal plates that can be easily fixed to the phone case;
  • 360° rotation.

Rooftop Tent by Front Runner

Check price on ($1099 in Spring 2021)

Have you ever wondered what it is like to sleep out in the wild, only to be too scared when camping on the ground? Well, you can pitch this tent on the roof of your RV and spend the night in it. Feel safe while enjoying a night in the open.

Two people can sleep comfortably in the tent. It is constructed with waterproof, UV-resistant rainfly material with an aluminum frame. The tent has windows on the side and roof that can be zipped up for privacy. The tent comes complete with a sliding aluminum ladder, and it is easy to install.


  • Opens in a smooth, swift motion;
  • Comfortable high-density foam mattress;
  • Washable mildew-proof, waterproof material;
  • Easy to install;
  • Convenient storage pockets.


  • Extension ladder required for heights of over two meters;
  • Relatively heavy at 95 lbs;
  • Can be challenging to unpack the first time.


  • Lighter than many other sleeping solutions;
  • Waterproof, anti-mildew, UV-resistant material;
  • Sturdy aluminum frame;
  • Durable PVC cover provided;
  • Convenient hanging storage pockets.

HIRALIY Inflatable Air Mattress for Car Back Seats

Check price on Amazon ($59.99 in Spring 2021) 

Although this mattress’s product description is for car back seats, you can use it practically anywhere. This inflatable mattress by HIRALIY is a versatile sleeping solution for unexpected guests at your home. You can take it with you on hiking and camping trips. The mattress is easy to inflate using the electric pump provided. It is made of a durable, airtight material and is easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth.


  • Durable, airtight material;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Convenient electric pump provided;
  • Unique honeycomb holes and PVC material make it more durable;
  • Useful for transporting patients.


  • May not fit all car back seats;
  • Limited durability;
  • Cannot use a seat belt with the mattress.


  • Compatible with most car back seats;
  • Made of three layers of sturdy wear-resistant material;
  • Two inflatable pillows provided;
  • Easy to inflate and deflate;
  • Convenient to take on camping and hiking trips.

Car Seat Organizer by Lusso Gear

Check price on Amazon ($22.99 in Spring 2021)

Traveling by car can get messy, especially when you are with babies or small children. This organizer by Lusso Gear helps you get all your gear in one place. Toys, feeding bottles, diapers, books, magazines, or mobile phones – you’ll have a place for everything and everything in its place. The organizer has ergonomic handles to carry around easily. Slip the seat belt around it to keep it secure, and you are good to go!


  • A reliable system to organize loose items in your car;
  • Multiple pockets for multiple things;
  • Protect your seats from loose items;
  • One zippered pocket;
  • Four built-in cup holders for cups and bottles.     


  • Not as sturdy as the manufacturer claims;
  • Inner support is made from cardboard, so the product should not get wet;
  • Comes with a strong car freshener that can affect allergy sufferers.


  • Unique design;
  • Extra reinforcement at its top corners;
  • Durable material;
  • Nine storage compartments;
  • Convenient handles make it easy to carry;
  • Lifetime warranty.

Reddy Grey Pet Car Hammock (65” L X 20” W)

Check price on ($79.99 in Spring 2021)

You can make car travel with your dog a more comfortable experience with this pet hammock from Petco. The product comes in a sober, neutral grey color, and the six-point system for securing the dog is failsafe. The hammock is made from highly absorbent microfiber fabric, containing any pet accidents that occur en route. You can keep an eye on your pet through the convenient mesh window provided.


  • Safe and comfortable for your pet;
  • Extra secure with seat belt openings and tuck-in cushions;
  • Highly absorbent microfiber fabric;
  • Sober color to match most car decors;
  • Mesh window enables you to watch your pet from the front seat.


  • Design flaws in the color;
  • Not that durable.


  • Six-point system for extra-firm fixing;
  • Microfiber fabric absorbs pet fluids;
  • Comfortable for the pet to sit or lie down;
  • Tuck-in cushions;
  • Comes in two sizes – medium and large;
  • Designed to transport multiple pets if required.

Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme® Five-Wheeled Cooler

Check price on Amazon ($191.51 in Spring 2021)

If you are going on a camping or hiking trip, you will find this cooler by Coleman useful. According to the manufacturer, you can keep your drinks cold for up to five days with outside temperatures of up to 90°F. The liner consists of antimicrobial material that resists odor, fungus, and mold. The 100-Quart Xtreme has a capacity of 160 cans. Heavy-duty wheels enable you to move it around in a comfortable manner.


  • Antimicrobial liner;
  • Keeps ice up to five days;
  • 160-can capacity;
  • Comfort-grip swing handles;
  • Heavy-duty wheels.


  • Does not keep ice frozen for as long as advertised;
  • Issues with lid closing;
  • The drain plug is placed inconveniently on the side of the handle;
  • Weak handles.


  • Extra insulation in the walls for longer ice retention;
  • Heavy-duty wheels;
  • Leak-resistant channel drain;
  • Comfort-grip swing handles;
  • Cup holders molded into the lid.


Each of the seven gadgets featured here can enhance your car or RV experience while on the road. Whether you are out camping or going on a cross-country road trip, you need some basic comforts to help you along. You will find any of the items highlighted on our list useful to make your life easier. We hope you find something suitable for your requirements from this list.

Have a happy road trip!