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Pirate Outfits for Girls

Pirate Outfits for Girls – What Should You Look Out For?

You’re on this page because you seek to create or have awesome pirate outfits. In that case, you are on the right page. So, keep reading to learn features to look out for in order to arrive at a stunning pirate costume that will daze your contemporaries.

#1: The Right Girl Pirate Clothing Items

The list in this case will include a torn shirt, preferably in red color. Other clothing items are black leggings to complement the torn red shirt, skull bracelet, black pair of boots, and a black cami. Consider going for a poofy shirt or top for a more authentic girl pirate look.

When dressing up, wear the pair of leggings and the black cami first. Next, wear the torn red top. Put on your boots. Wear the bracelet, preferably on the hand that will be used the most.

#2: The Right Makeup to Accentuate a Girl Pirate Look

For a great pirate look, you need to wear the right makeup. Put aside the necessary makeup to replicate a pirate look correctly. The makeup items that will work well in this case will include red lipstick, foundation, concealer, powder, black and grey eyeshadow, and black nail polish.

Pirate Outfits for Girls

Here’s how to apply the makeup:

Apply the foundation the normal way, you should work towards getting a glowing skin with the foundation you choose. Next, use concealer to conceal your trouble spots and use powder to set it.

The gray eye-shadow is for you to achieve pirate girl eyes. So, apply the eye-shadow on the inner lids and use the black eye shadow near the outside, close to the creases to achieve a smoky effect. Don’t forget to paint your lips with the red lipstick. Also, remember to use the black nail paint on your nails. Since this color is pirate-like, it will suit your pirate outfits and help accentuate your girl pirate look.

#3: Finish Up with the Right Accessories

Your girl pirate fashion will be more complete with the right accessories. You can choose your own accessories, just use your imagination rightly. For instance, an eye-patch can be a great addition when it comes to simple girl pirate accessory. You can also consider clip on gold-like earrings and a bracelet with skull image.

Indeed, achieving awesome pirate look is as simple as applying these tips for pirate outfits. You can easily assemble your pirate clothing items and accessories by visiting an online costume store.