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The Benefits Of Using Wacom Tablet As Mouse

To start with, we all know what sitting on a computer for so long can bring into your health well-being. Health issues which are caused by discomfort while working using a computer may come in the form of severe headache, itching eyes, back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndromes and many others. To avoid all these, consider using the recommended computer ergonomics.

What is computer ergonomics?

This is a science of designing your workplace, especially the office equipment to avoid straining your body too much to complete tasks on long sitting hours on a computer. One of the critical importance of computer ergonomics is that they help us avoid many health risks that may come as a result of discomfort while working on a computer.

Let’s look at the different ways on how you can do it.

  • Getting yourself a very comfortable chair that supports upright sitting so as to not strain your back while operating a computer.
  • Using a screen protector that should reduce the brightness of your computer to avoid damaging your eyes.
  • Using a pen as a mouse to avoid tiring your wrist by making many movements while operating a computer.
  • Making sure that your eye’s height matches that of your computer screen to avoid straining while using the computer.
  • Making sure that you are sitting in an upright position that every part of your body is at comfort.

Now, we need to look at why The Use Of Wacom Tablet As Mouse is highly recommended for your health and productivity during working with computer.

Why Use a Wacom Tablet As A Mouse?

There are many advantages that come along with using a Wacom tablet as a mouse. These may include;

  • It is super comfortable for your arms
  • It has a low maintenance cost
  • There are no too many wires and cables on your desk connecting the mouse and the computer since it is wireless
  • Your desk will look tidy when you are using it
  • It has a high accuracy
  • It will lower your chances of harming your fingers since you will just be using a pen to select whatever you want on your computer

Features And Advantages Of Using A Pen As Mouse

First of all, the first and very important advantage of using this pen as a mouse is that it is going to avoid you from having health issues that may be caused while you are using the old mouse as a way of selection.

In addition, it will make you navigate through your screen very fast and easily without wasting time at all. It is also easy to use since you just need to touch the screen using the pen. You can also use it to make your signatures on your important documents easily. Another thing why you may be interested in using this pen as your mouse is that you don’t need to place it on a smooth surface to operate like the old mouse. All you need to do is just use it as a remote in your hands.

This can also be best used when illustrating something on computer screens where you have to point and show your audience what they need to be illustrated at your own comfort. You don’t have to stand and start pointing fingers on your screen blocking your audience.

Factors to consider before getting yourself a perfect pen tablet to replace your mouse

When shifting to this perfect device, there are a number of things that you must look into to make sure that you have the right gadget that suits your office and your computer best.

  1. Size – You need to make sure that you have the right size of the tablet. It must match your desktop space and it should not be too small or too large. You need to get the right size that fits your desk too.
  2. You also need to consider about the fitness of the pen’s buttons to your fingers to ensure comfort while working’
  3. You also need to check on the sensitivity of the pen on how it reacts when pressed hard or softly.
  4. You also need to consider about the range at which the pen can operate at. It should allow you to move into different areas and navigations for convenience.
  5. Before you purchase one, you need to consider whether the price of the pen matches the performance rate. You need to find value for money in that device.