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Real Estate Marketing: Logo Designing Tips That Generate Leads

Undoubtedly real estate is a big business. For example, in November 2020, as per the facts, there were 107,000 real estate ventures working just in the United States, and the data do not cover various other real estate businesses, for example, property management.

Every year a lot of agents receive their licenses and start their operation. It’s not a surprise that there is a continuous requirement of branding and marketing materials for helping the new businesses for making the mark. Due to extensive competition in the market, it is important to have an effective and well-designed logo that accurately represents the company.

If you are one of the agents or are looking forward to designing your real estate firm, then you can hire one of the best graphic designers to design the custom logo for you. The logo resembles your company and allows you to generate leads and bring business to the company.

Tips for logo designing for generating leads:

Always choose the right colors:

Colors are the most remembered elements in real estate or construction logo maker and are one way to impress and leave a great impact on potential home sellers and buyers. Colors are known for creating an emotion or feeling; for example, the blue color resembles calmness and creates a sense of trust or security about the brands. On the other hand, red evokes a passionate, strong emotion and creates a sense of urgency, while if you choose purple, it will make people think of wisdom or royalty and make the brand look wise or imaginative. Choosing the right colors is very important, especially when you are in the real estate business, as the soul of the venture lies in trust between the agent and client.

Hire professionals for designing the real estate logos:

There are many companies available for graphic designing, and you can also design your logo and reach the same look and memorability for the logos. Another trend is to use the simplicity model trending in the market. The most memorable and effective logos have always been the ones that are quite simple. This is why the trend runs for monograms and work marks. It’s also that is heartily recommended for the combination of real estate logo design.

For designing the best logo designs, professionals follow a step-by-step process to generate revenue and appeal to the clients.

Analyze your enterprise inclusive of goals, competition, brand personality, and audience.

Brainstorm through different ideas to incorporate the right message about the company.

Try developing a rough draft in a fully-fledged design inclusive of a choice of colors, graphics, and fonts.

Seek feedback and double-check that every element can fit the company and adjustments are made wherever required.

Always get done about four versions for the logo:

While working with the graphic designers, always ensure that you have four versions of the newly made logo:

  1. The primary version for the real estate logo design for your real estate company.
  2. The first version should be a horizontal secondary version for your real estate company. It will always be used on the top of the website and maybe quite appropriate for some marketing collateral; we are required to use horizontal logos for listing flyers, postcard mailers, especially where the space is limited.
  3. All-black and all-white versions for the real estate. If you had to run a printing ad or sponsor the event, you should only accept a white or a black logo. In many upcoming years, you would like to order keychains, t-shirts, koozies, or anything collateral, which becomes quite expensive if the manufacturer performs a 3-color printing job. And having an all-white or all-black version for the logo can help save a lot of money in this scenario.
  4. Logo with a transparent background for the real estate company. Also made as a PNG file and is ideal when you do require a watermark photo.

Connect with your audience:

To create a logo that can help you generate leads, you need to show the connection to your audience, like designing a creative logo that allows the people you are reaching out to be curious enough to post their query. Then, if they like your concept or the way of working, they will go ahead and make a sale. Always try to connect brand and audience, and designing a logo is the best way.