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5 Awesome Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Home

Sometimes when you’re getting ready to decorate a new place or update the look of the house you’re living in already it’s hard to know where to start. If you love art you probably want to figure out a way to incorporate that into your home at least a little bit. The problem is buying a painting or sculpture may not always feel accessible.

Sometimes people assume the only way they can put art in their home is to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of artwork. That’s certainly one way to incorporate more art into your home but it’s not your only option. Owning a piece of fine art can be something entirely affordable if you have some decorating ideas to use along the way.

Getting tips on how to bring fine art into your home inaccessible ways is a great idea. You can use tips from interior designers and even art curators to make your home more art-friendly. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might be thinking right now. If you aren’t sure where to start that’s okay, here are five awesome ways you to incorporate art into your home.

1. Get A Little “Poppy”

If you have a room in your home that needs a younger fresher look a pop art style room could work well for you. Think of this idea for rooms like a playroom or a room for a teenager. There are a lot of great pop art inspired ideas for you to use to decorate a fun room in your home. None of them are anything that will break the bank.

Start with a room that’s painted a neutral color (think white or cream) and bring in bright pops of color through accents like furniture or painting the windows in the room. If you have a white room you can paint the wood around the window bright orange or green to give it some style. The colors will stand out against the stark walls and look great.

You can also bring in other pop art style ideas like repeated images in different shades. Think of images you could create yourself and place around the room. They could be pictures of things in your home, or simple pieces you find online from an Etsy shop. The key is to use repetition with slight variations to make the pop art look come to life. Your whole room will look like one giant pop art painting when you’re finished.

2. Gallery Wall In Your Hall

Gallery walls are a great way to put a lot of small pieces of art together to create a great overall look. If you can’t or don’t want to buy a large painting a gallery wall is another great option. You can easily find small prints or paintings at your local stores or online. You can also create paintings yourself with simple DIY methods like acrylic pouring.

For a way to tie your home together using the gallery wall idea, opt for putting the gallery wall in a hallway instead of a more standard location like your living room.

The transition space from one room to another is often ignored and adding in a cool gallery wall can tie the rooms together and make your home feel more cohesive.

If you aren’t sure what kinds of artwork you’d like for your gallery wall, see if you can make a few eclectic choices and frame them in identical frames to make them look similar. You can make the prints or paintings pretty varied this way which means you won’t have to commit to one particular artist or style. It’s a good option to get a lot of art into your home easily.

3. Commission Your Kids

Kids are often some of the most creative people in your life. They haven’t quite developed that inner critic yet and that gives them a love of creating artwork sometimes adults just don’t have. Ask your kids to create some artwork you can display around your home. You can ask for drawings to clip on picture wire or give them a canvas and watercolors to see what they make.

You don’t have to stick with something you’d put on the fridge when you’re asking your kids to make art for your home. Think outside the box. If you want to get creative turn a wall in your home into a chalkboard (chalkboard paint is very affordable) and let them create new art to decorate your home whenever they want.

4. Don’t Forget About Decorative Mirrors

Somewhere people often forget to add artwork is a bathroom. It’s often neglected for other areas of the home or you may just not know how to put artwork in a small space like that. Instead of focusing on paintings for a bathroom think about replacing things that are already there, like your mirror.

You can find mirrors that are decorated with beautiful tile designs or even framed with ornate gold leaf. You might have to do a little searching to find the perfect mirror for your bathroom though. Think about hitting up local antique stores to see what unique finds they have. If you’re really sold on the idea and can’t find anything you can always hire someone to create what you have in mind too.

5. Use Tapestries For A New Art Style

Maybe paintings aren’t your thing. That’s understandable because not every type of art out there is appealing to every person. If you aren’t looking for a painting but you still want to incorporate art into your home you aren’t out of luck. You can seek out other artistic options like fabrics and tapestries. They’re likely to be very vibrant in color and will give your room a feeling of warmth.

Tapestries are often something your friends and anyone else visiting your home will notice right away. You can think of them as both a piece of art in your home as well as a conversation starter that no one is going to miss a chance to talk about. Look around your local area to see what artisans have created near you, or look online and see what you fall in love with.


Adding artwork to your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or out of reach. You have many options when it comes to bringing fine art into your home and making it work for you. Find what works for you and make it look great in your home. Use these ideas to guide your search and see what a difference it makes in your home’s overall look. You’re going to love it!