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How Mazda Makes Buying a Used Car Easy

Everybody in the market for a car wants a reliable vehicle that will drive well for years at a price they can afford. Buying a used car is definitely a way to get a better price, but sometimes people worry about the condition of used cars. This is understandable, and Mazda’s Certified Pre-Owned Program exists to put these doubts to rest.

Read on to learn more about what Certified Pre-Owned means and about all the ways Mazda makes you feel confident when buying a used car.

Thorough Inspections by Real Experts

All drivers know how to operate a car, but many don’t understand everything going on under the hood. For this reason, people need to trust that every part of the engine and transmission is in good working order when buying a used vehicle.

Mazda has worked hard to address this concern: every car in the Mazda Certified Pre-Owned Program has undergone a detailed 160-point inspection from a Mazda factory-trained technician. The people who make the cars in the first place have seen to it that the used car will drive as closely as possible to a new car. This assurance, that your car has been examined inside and out by the real experts, is an important step in helping you buy a used car with confidence.

Incredible Warranties

Every car in the Mazda Certified Pre-Owned Program automatically comes with a 7-year/140,000 kilometre warranty (whatever comes first). It covers key components like engine, transmission, differential and gaskets and seals.

It’s hard to find such a long and comprehensive warranty on a used car, and because it comes automatically with each purchase, you don’t need to try to calculate whether it’s better to buy the warranty, or an extended warranty, or whether it’s worth the risk to pay for potential future repairs out of pocket.
Mazda adds comfort and peace of mind to the process of buying a used car by eliminating all the guess work surrounding warranties.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Your car may be in absolutely perfect condition, but sometimes thing happen on the road and you need support. Buying from the Mazda Certified Pre-Owned Program entitles you to a range of important complementary services you may need:

  • Towing to nearest authorized Mazda dealership (up to 100 kilometres) for repairs covered under
  • warranty
  • Jump starts
  • Changing flat tires
  • Gas delivery
  • Lockout assistance

These services are available if you’re driving anywhere in Canada or the continental United States, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mazda does everything possible to make sure your used car works perfectly, but even if you encounter a problem beyond their control, Mazda will make sure you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Mazda has designed the Certified Pre-Owned Program to give you peace of mind that’s hard to find when buying a used car. This makes it easy to buy a reliable used car you’ll love driving for years, at a price you can afford.