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Home Décor Tips Anyone Can Attempt

No two people like exactly the same home décor. You might have someone who enjoys the midcentury modern look, while someone else might like to create a nautical motif. You’ll want to make a living space your own, though, which means decorating in the way that best suits you.

You can experiment with some home décor ideas, whether you own a home or rent one. If you own a condo or house, that probably means you’re willing to spend more on decorating. You know that you will be in that home for some time to come, and you’re likely willing to invest more than if you live in a temporary residence.

We’ll talk about some easy home décor ideas in the following article. We’ll include some concepts that someone with any skill level can attempt.

Use Cabinets to Add Color to Your Kitchen

You might want to focus on your kitchen as you install décor to make a home seem more attractive to you. The kitchen’s colors should appeal to you and the guests you invite over.

You can easily paint the kitchen or put up some wallpaper. That can create an interesting or eye-catching visual effect. However, you might also use your cabinets to add color to the room.

You can sometimes get wholesale quality cabinets that you won’t find at a big-box store if you shop at antique stores or ones that feature refurbished home goods. The cabinets you get there might cost more than the average ones you’ll find at Home Depot or Lowes, but they might have unusual handles or other details that will attract the eye.

If you can’t locate vintage cabinets, or you can’t afford the ones you find, you can always get more traditional or modern ones. Before you install them, though, you can paint them. If you come up with an unusual paint color, that might lead guests to view your kitchen in a new light.

The Shower Curtain

You can also look at your bathrooms as places where you can install your own personal touches to make them more your own. For instance, you might install some elaborate towel hooks. You can find some very interesting ones online if you shop for them.

You can always get traditional ones at big-box stores like Home Depot, but if you want more unusual or vintage ones, you might look on Etsy. There, you can often discover custom-made ones that will fit whatever motif you like. You might get some that look like mermaids, anchors, etc.

You can also look for unusual shower curtains. You can get one with a simple design, or you might go for something more unique and daring. Maybe you’ll get a shower curtain that depicts a ship lost at sea or one with a sea monster on it.

Decorative Books and Artwork

In the living room or den, you have many décor options. You might decorate this room like a college dorm. You can get some lava lamps and hang tapestries on the walls or spread one across the ceiling. You may get some incense burners if you like to meditate and burn incense.

Maybe the neo-hippy look is not for you. Instead, you might get some art prints, frame them, and hang them on the walls. Perhaps you like Warhol or Jasper Johns. You probably can’t afford any original pieces, but you can get prints that will serve the same purpose. You can use them as conversation starters.

If you want original artwork, that probably means buying from lesser-known artists. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. You can get original artwork by shopping at holiday markets or craft shows.

You can also buy secondhand books and use them to create a color effect. You’re not buying these books to read, although you can certainly read them if you like. Instead, you’re buying them based on their color.

For instance, if you want a room with a red motif, you can get books with red spines. The content doesn’t matter. You’re just looking for red ones or another color you prefer.

You can get cheap books at library sales. You might have different color sections around the room, as long as they don’t clash with one another.

Pieces from Your Travels

Maybe you want to decorate your living space with pieces you picked up while traveling. If so, you’ll need to keep your eyes open anytime you go somewhere new.

You can do some souvenir shopping nearly anywhere. If you visit New York, you’ll find dozens of tourist-oriented stores on Canal Street in lower Manhattan or all around Times Square. You can get Statue of Liberty models if you like or anything else that catches your eye.

You might decorate your living space with pieces you find in the American Southwest. You can collect figurines or wall hangings.

If you like international travel, you might find pieces in Ireland or Scotland. Maybe you’ll spend some time in Asia and bring back some pieces from Tokyo. An authentic katana or a kimono hung on your wall will certainly work as a conversation starter.

If you spend time in Mexico, you might bring back an Aztec or Mayan calendar. You may bring back a jaguar figurine or a sombrero and feature it prominently in the living room.


You can also add color almost anywhere with candles. You can buy them at dollar stores, Goodwill outlets, or online.

You can burn them to create a dinner party atmosphere or to welcome the changing seasons. You might use scented ones if you’re trying to cover up a smell or if you have a particular scent you like.

You can buy elaborate candle holders and put them on the coffee table, or you can mount them on the walls. Just make sure you don’t leave them burning when you leave the house.

Your home décor choices tell guests about you, so make sure they reflect your personality.