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5 Benefits to Using a Realtor to Sell Your Home

Selling your home is one of, if not the biggest, financial transactions you will complete. It makes sense to trust this complicated process to a knowledgeable realtor.

Every marketplace has a community of uniquely qualified realtors. From Downtown San Diego condos for sale to cottages on the market in the suburbs of Connecticut, realtors everywhere are successfully marketing properties just like yours. Their individual expertise will make a massive difference in the sale of your home too.

Many people are tempted to avoid the cost that comes with using an agent. That risk, however, could hurt you in the long run and in your bottom line. Check out these 5 reasons that using a realtor may be worth it to you.

Knowing Your Homes Value

Of course, you think your house is amazing. You’ve spent years making it into the perfect space for you. But this can cause you to inflate the amount believe your house is worth. On the flip side, you don’t want to let your desire to sell influence you to price too low either.

Realtors can provide unbiased, fair pricing. This pricing is based on years of training, well-honed market instincts, and raw data. They have insights into the intangible things that affect property values like location, demographics, and school district.

Having access to a complete list of recent sales. They also have the tools to run a thorough comp report. This report is the foundation that you will set your pricing on.

There are benefits to using a realtor that is well versed in your area. They are aware of what buyers are looking for and what features could increase or decrease your price. They can even advise on quick improvements you could make that would appeal to buyers and increase your home’s worth.

Advertising and Networking Your Property

Having access to the multiple listing service (MLS) is key in getting your listing out there. Only realtors are permitted to list homes on the MLS, so you would lose a lot of exposure without an agent. Home shopping sites like Zillow also pull listings from the MLS, so the loss of marketing would be multiplied.

Many realtors also have a marketing team at their exposure. They have an email listserve to get your listing in front of prospective buyers instantly. Mailers and signage are available to realtors at less cost and with greater distribution.

There’s something to be said about word of mouth marketing. Realtors have a network of other realtors they like to work with to match up buyers and sellers. The difference between selling your home and not may all come down to professional connections.

A buyer’s agent may also be leary of a property that is for sale by the owner. They are aware of the complications that can arise with an untrained seller. The thought of dealing with a more difficult process may make them avoid introducing your property to their buyers altogether.

Time is Money

The amount of time and work it takes to coordinate open houses, place ads, and arrange inspections can be a full-time job. There is a reason that agents often work long hours. If you choose to do the leg work, you will be sacrificing your time until your home sells.

Showings can be tedious and inconvenient. They are often scheduled with little notice. A good realtor also knows how to show your house in an efficient way that appeals to buyers.

Open houses are a whole other task. The advertising is time-consuming. And would you enjoy spending your Saturday walking strangers through your house? A realtor that has made a career hosting open houses knows how to make them worth the time.

Realtors are connected within the industry. They know inspectors, repairmen, contractors, and anyone else you might need contact with throughout this process. Not only are you more likely to receive quality work from your realtor’s referral, they may also give you scheduling preference.

Keep in mind that your selling agent doesn’t get paid unless they sell your home. You have nothing to lose by giving them the chance to save you time and headache. You might even get lucky with a competitive offer where the buyer covers your agent’s fees!

They Know the Rules

The mountains of regulations you are required to address for your property can be overwhelming. Your realtor can point out these violations and save you a lot of post-inspection hassle. Their guidance will help you make sure your property is up to date and regulation. From radon mitigation to roofing issues, a realtor can help you find proactive solutions.

There are so many rules regarding selling or marketing a property. From the listing paperwork to the closing, it’s an endless barrage of forms. One wrong field on a form can delay, or even destroy a sale. Realtors are familiar with these forms and the rules regarding them.

You don’t want to end up in a legal situation because you unknowingly missed a disclosure. Your realtor can navigate these confusing regulations for you. A good realtor also knows when to differ to a lawyer and has one on speed dial.

Realtors have their own set of rules they must follow. This gives you a safety net so you can trust you are in good hands. The National Association of Realtors enforces a strict code of ethics that keeps you safe and lowers risk for you as a client.


How many times has haggling for the best price at the car dealership made you squirm? Negotiating may be the most important reason to use a realtor. A good realtor knows how to write a strong purchase agreement that benefits you as a seller.

Your realtor will keep you in the loop and only negotiate the terms you want. But they also know how to deal with tough situations like unreasonable buyers. They have been trained to get the best deal to benefit you while also keeping the sale intact.

Realtors are also more aware of things they negotiate besides price, like closing costs and agent fees. Their years of practicing negotiations may payoff for your bottom line.


Just remember, a selling agent doesn’t get paid unless they sell your property. And their fees are a small price to pay in making your home sale as stress-free and profitable as possible.