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Why a UPS is Needed in Pakistan

As load shedding is still a prevalent issue in Pakistan, an Unbroken Power Supply (UPS) is a convenient way to make up for the lack of power. A UPS that can store renewable energy but that is a stop-gap arrangement because it will eventually run out during a longer load shedding spell. It is important to buy the correct equipment for better power backup times and improved battery life. Following our post about UPS ratings and computing the right battery size, we have thought of a number of other points as well; that relate to UPS costs in Pakistan.

Understandably a higher power limit and better yield quality come at a higher cost, yet costs do fluctuate in the market. UPSs from the local electric equipment shop are less expensive. If you are looking for the cheapest option the hand-made UPS from the local electronics shop is the option for you. These hand-made UPSs end up costing more ever time due to a decline in performance. Usually, these do not have proper guarantees either and as they are made from low-quality parts this could be a serious downside. The better known international brands charge you a lot more and aren’t always affordable. The difference between prices regarding hand-made ones and locally produced brands is little, which is why we suggest spending a little more and going for the latter options.

A well-known local brand is Homage that makes reliable and well-built units.

Why Homage is a good local brand

Homage established in 2007 is a trusted name and quality seller of power solutions and home appliances. Homage established in 2007 is a trusted name and quality seller of power solutions and home appliances. Homage manufactures a wide range of solar panels, generators, UPSs, gel and AGM batteries. The Homage UPSs are better in performance as they utilize newer technology. This also enables them to improve the life of the batteries being used. This is crucial as the storage of power is an important part of the UPS system.

They have many fans to maintain an even temperature ensuring the life of the unit. With overload protection and a 3 stage charging system so the batteries are being sent the ample amount of electricity at the different stages of charging. Over time a Homage UPS will last longer with fewer issues. They officially come with a 1-year warranty, covering a decent amount of time in case of any problems.

Bottom Line

Utilization of Homage UPS will improve battery life and lessen the loss of intensity during the changeover. Being locally produced the price range is also competitive, giving an edge over imported units and you can click here to check price at shopsy.

We trust that this post about Homage UPS will help individuals who are considering getting one. The key is a better grade of charging, you need to watch out for that; with the goal that your batteries last more. It has been said that the Pakistan Government is about to add more megawatts to their power grid, but this is hearsay so the importance of a UPS cannot be disregarded.