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3 Pieces of Stationery You’ll Need for Your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day, there is much planning to make the biggest day of your life special. Not only do you have to find the perfect venue, but you also have to do all the preparations before the date to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. When you start to plan your wedding day, you may be thinking of the dress, menu, caterers, and music, but you should also look at your wedding stationery. There are plenty of times where stationary will be used, from seating cards to invitations. Below, you will find the three pieces of stationery you should have for your wedding.

1. Save the Date

While there are many types of save-the-dates, custom wedding stationery adds a personal touch that can’t be found in some cards off the shelf. Save-the-dates are cards that aren’t invitations but instead send a notice to your guests to keep the date in mind while waiting for a formal invitation. Generally, save-the-date cards aren’t sent out until at least six months before the wedding date. Sending this card doesn’t have to include details about the big day like a time and location but instead just the date you picked out. While a save-the-date isn’t a formal invitation, it is because you are on the invitation list that you receive one. These dates can be customized with or without pictures, but using an engagement picture makes for a beautiful personal touch.

2. Get the Invite

The most significant stressor of your wedding planning is quite possibly the invitation. While some weddings are small and more close-knit, other weddings have an invitation list in the hundreds. Many guests save their invitations as keepsakes from the wedding day to put with other pictures that they take at the wedding. Your invitations are the most vital pieces of stationery that you will have for your wedding because they include all the must-know information like the date, time, and venue. When it comes to the timing of your invitations, be sure to send them at least six weeks in advance. While many guests have had enough time to work it into their schedule appropriately with the save-the-date, this allows guests to book flights, hotels, and make other travel arrangements for the big day. Your invitations are an essential part of your wedding because this is the first glimpse at what guests can expect with the theme. Choosing invitations that go with your theme and are personalized to you is a fantastic way to send a piece of stationery that makes a statement.

3. Ceremony Stationery

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most important parts of the wedding day because this is where you will say your vows and be presented as a married couple. Having a ceremony pamphlet is a wonderful way to introduce yourselves, the wedding party, what songs are played, where the reception will be, and a glimpse of what to expect during the ceremony. These pamphlets can also include the names of family or friends, which can be important when you lose a loved one. In addition, many couples will leave a candle burning during the ceremony in honor of someone who has passed, and the pamphlet is an opportunity to give them a memorial piece. The ceremony pamphlet comes in many styles and can even be done differently, like one single page or a booklet. Everything is entirely customizable, from the color to the print to match your special day.

Tie the Knot

When it is your big day and everything is in place, things will go very smoothly, and the right stationery can help. Having the save-the-date for guests to mark on their calendar will keep your mind calm as you prepare to send out formal invitations. This stationery can be fixed to fit your theme and style, so when you tie the knot, you’ll be ready.