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Stunning Jewelry Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss for Spring 2022

Jewelry is a bright spark, the finishing touch to every outfit you put together. Even the simplest look will be instantly elevated if you pair it with the right jewelry.

 Spring 2022 is bringing up some incredible jewelry trends to take advantage of. Trends change and so does your style.  As you read this article you will find more jewelry trends here that can help you maintain your perfect looks without any difficulty.

The Name Necklace Trend

Perhaps our favorite jewelry brand this season is Myka, an online personalized jewelry store that offers a huge range of options to suit all tastes. We’re particular fans of their ‘name necklaces’ which tap into the Sex and the City revival trend that is so big right now. After all, who can imagine Carrie without her ‘Carrie necklace’? Carrie Bradshaw loved to wear costume jewelry, and her pieces were often bold and overstated, but she always wore her beloved ‘Carrie necklace’ at the same time.

Wearing a necklace personalized with your name, or the name of a loved one, is set to be a huge trend this spring, and proof that so many trends (both in fashion and in jewelry) are circular. 

Much More Minimalism

Fashion is currently having a 90s revival, and this trend has also expanded into the jewelry arena, with simple, minimalist 90s-inspired jewelry taking center stage. Simple silver chains, stacks of plain rings, and tear drop shaped earrings were all huge in the 90s, which means that we are seeing them regain popularity now: but with a twist.

Instead of wearing these pieces in isolation, now we are seeing them stacked together, piled with other pieces, and even worn alongside maximalist costume jewelry pieces to create a look that is altogether more unique, personalized, and true to who you are. The key here is to create your own jewelry identity and inject who you are into what you choose to wear.

Colorful Creations

Offered in conjunction with the fashion trend of ‘dopamine dressing’ jewelry has turned to the bright side. Wearing simple gold or silver jewelry is no longer enough: instead, using your jewelry to inject color into your outfit is one of this season’s hottest trends. Look for bright beads, experiment with stacking different shades against each other, and don’t shy away from working with different materials. Ceramic work paired with mixed metals, or semi-precious stones set in plastic will really stand out from the crowd. Don’t feel that you only need to wear one color at a time either: dress like a rainbow, and feel like a ray of sunshine in every piece you wear. 

If one trend is just not enough then Myka offers a name necklace set in a chain of coloured beads, allowing you to express a little personalized personality and show off your favorite colors at the same time! You’ll be amazed at how much fun it can be to mix trends together, and inject a feeling of fun and whimsy into your jewelry box. You’ll never want to go back to wearing boring jewelry again!