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The Best DIY Crafts to Gift This Year

This year has been a tough one on all of us, to say the least. We have all gotten a bit more involved in figuring out ways to stay entertained without leaving the house; maybe baking, maybe puzzles, more likely than not a lot (a LOT) of TV and movie watching and re-watching. Since the current public health crisis and cold weather are stacked on top of each other during this holiday season, keeping busy at home is more important than ever.

Since this year has also been a hard one to deal with from a mental health standpoint, it’s all the more important that we check up on those we care about and help them out as best we can. This is definitely something to keep in mind when thinking of what to get the people you care about for gifts this season. Try something new by gifting them something that they can create themselves, and maybe even introducing them to a new hobby. 

A New Passion for Paint

A craft idea that is incredibly versatile and accessible to those at all different skill levels and abilities is painting. But if you’re unsure what artistic abilities they have, it can be a bit tricky to pick out just the right gift to get them. You don’t want to give them something that is completely above their level, that will end up causing them stress and ultimately go uncompleted, collecting dust until it gets regifted at a later date.

If they’re a novice to the art of painting or even a seasoned professional, a paint your numbers kit provides them with everything they need. It’s a simple paint-by-number kit with a twist; you upload a personal photo that then gets turned into a fun DIY craft that’s easy, straightforward, and pure fun for them. It even comes with everything they will need to complete their own work of art, including a quality canvas, brushes, and paint.

This takes off all of the pressure of having to venture out for their own supplies to complete their thoughtful gift. With this kit, they can immortalize a fond memory (maybe one that the two of you shared) in something more refined and captivating than just a snapshot on their cell phone or social media page.

An embroidery or cross stitch kit

If your loved one is more adept with a fabric textile, or if they can’t stop talking about all the cute embroidered emblems they see on sweatshirts and pillows, nudge them in a creative direction by giving them a beginner’s embroidery or cross stitch kit. You can find many online that have pre-drawn templates on the provided fabric that are easy to follow and fun to do.

These kits typically come with the proper sized needles, different colors of embroidery thread or cross-stitch floss, and detailed instructions that will guide your crafty friend through the basics of embroidery, cross-stitching, and beyond. An added bonus? They’ll be able to cross stitch you a cheeky phrase on a pillow next holiday season. A win-win all around.

A candle or bath-bomb making kit

De-stressing after a long day is necessary in modern times. Some wonderful self-care rituals include relaxing and unwinding in a warm bath surrounded by soothing and comforting scents. Why not take that TLC to the next level with some self-care essentials that you craft yourself? There are many kits on the market that can help you do just that, and you can pick the scents and colors that suit your fancy.

No matter what gift you choose to give the people you care about most this year, consider something that would get them involved and enthralled in a fun activity. It shows you care and can be beneficial to them in multiple ways in the long run.