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4 Ways to Make a Fabulous Christmas Tree This Year

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to drive or walk around neighborhoods, peering into people’s living rooms and admiring Christmas trees decked up with lights, garlands, and other decorations. Many homes set up and decorate Christmas trees. According to the American Christmas Tree Association, more than 94 million families in the United States had a Christmas tree in 2021. Most people are acquainted with Christmas tree decorations such as lights, garlands, tinsel, and ornaments. There are no restrictions on how you may personalize a Christmas tree to suit your choices, history, and surroundings.

Are you at a loss for what to put on your Christmas tree this year? We offer a choice of Christmas tree themes as well as handmade ornaments to help you personalize your holiday décor. If you want to decorate a Christmas tree like an expert, start by gathering ideas, then follow these three simple steps.

Prune Your Tree for Space

If you’ve finally discovered the real Christmas tree of your dreams, you may be eager to begin decorating it as soon as possible. Arborists, on the other hand, recommend that you first trim your tree before doing anything else.

The first step is to determine if the tree has several levels. If you wish to build layers, you’ll need space.

We usually begin with the tree that has the fewest branches. Then, cut off as many branches as you need to make room for the lights and other decorations.

Consider pruning to be the process of making space between layers for light to bounce around in. Decorations should also have adequate room to hang without hitting any branches. The decorations will lose their shine if they come into contact with the lower branches.

Select a Distinctive Color Scheme

Although red and green are the colors most often associated with Christmas, they are not the only two that may be used. Other colors can also be used. When I’m decorating a Christmas tree, one of my favorite things to do is to make use of colors that aren’t often associated with the holiday.

Fill Your Christmas Tree with Faux Snow

You can add a festive touch to your Christmas tree by flocking it or coating it with fake snow. 

I’ve seen that flocking has become one of the most prominent patterns in tree change over the past many years. Flocking creates the appearance of a Christmas tree being blanketed in fake snow and adds a degree of coziness to the holiday centerpiece.

If you don’t mind having an artificial tree in your house, you might save time and work by getting an artificial tree that has already been flocked. You may also add flocking to your tree by making your flocking kit, flocking spray, or flocking powder. This may be done with either a real or a fake tree.

Hang Lights Vertically

Rather than looping your lights from the top down to the bottom, hang them horizontally. After cutting your Christmas tree into three equal triangles, string the lights back and forth within each triangle.

When you’re through, your lights should be more uniformly distributed, and if you get the hang of it, it should be a lot easier than lighting a tree the traditional way. You’ll be able to avoid those awkward “around the tree” scenarios in which you fight to get the string of lights from top to bottom, frequently while standing on a step ladder. You can also make a designer Christmas tree by placing luminaries under the tree using LED lights in boxes.


I hope that you’ve been inspired to get creative with your Christmas tree and that you’ve gained some insight into how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro as a result of reading this! With the help of these hints and suggestions, your tree will be worthy of appearing on the cover of a publication. Stay tuned, as we will be providing you with more tips and tricks for decorating your home like a pro. If the act of decorating the Christmas tree caused you extreme stress and unhappiness, having a gorgeous Christmas tree isn’t going to be worth much in the end. So cut yourself some slack when things don’t go according to plan, and make an effort to have some fun along the way.

“There are no ironclad rules. Creating new traditions and memories with loved ones is what the holidays are all about. Don’t worry about it, and focus on having a good time instead.