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Most Effective Ways to Grow Your Business with YouTube

In the modern world, it is impossible to run a successful business without having profiles on the most popular social media. And YouTube is one of the most effective platforms that can increase the rates of your business because video is believed to be the most engaging and productive type of content. So no wonder that many business owners are choosing YouTube as a prominent instrument of promotion. Growth on this network is quite complicated, but worry not. In this text, you will find working methods to use when you are growing a business on YouTube.

Understanding Your Audience

This is an important step that you should take at the beginning of your promotion on YouTube. Some brands immediately start to purchase real YouTube comments, views, subscribers, and other metrics that can be found on But this action should be done later, after you find your target audience. Otherwise, you will lose the investments. Your purchased stats will not be working for your improvement, as there would be no one to impact. 

So you should concentrate on understanding who your average viewer/customer is. You have to define such features as age, gender, profession, occupation, preferred genres of content, etc., and then analyze the behavior of the relevant group online. This knowledge will save you time and resources, so you will produce engaging content at once, leaving typical beginner mistakes to your less smart competitors. 

Get Verified On The Platform

The primary goal of getting your account verified – you will be able to post videos that are longer than 15 minutes. Of course, you are not obliged to upload such videos, but it is always good to have this feature unlocked. Also, you will have the opportunity to create custom thumbnails, which is highly useful for your brand discoverability and public image. The matter of thumbnails on YouTube we will highlight in another paragraph. 

Check Out The Competition

Before launching an active campaign on YouTube, look through the profiles of other businesses. First of all, you don’t want to create something identical, even if it would be unintentional. Secondly, you can find out how one or another strategy works, how users are reacting to it.  And thirdly, you can get some fresh ideas about how to organize your content, consistency of posting, descriptions, and titles. All that would be helpful to catch up with your competitors from the same niche, but who have begun their promotion earlier. 

Set Your Goals

As your progress goes on, it is vital to keep your content focused on your theme. To fulfill that, you must set the goal of your account as soon as you create it. Is it a marketplace, or the channel of communication with your potential customers, or gaining new clientele? Anyway, the content that you create has to be valuable and entertaining to your subscribers, so it will trigger interest in your products. Never set sales as your prominent message to your viewers. It can be annoying to them. Choose something that will put your product into the frame in a more subtle and delicate way. 

Work On Branding

When you are building a business, your visual representation is vital for your growth. Your channel must be appealing for users, it has to hook them with its style. Your brand has to be associated with certain colors and fonts, geometrical forms that are dominant in your style. You should have a logo, that would serve as a profile picture too. Remember that this is your virtual identity that we are talking about. All these details are what make your brand discoverable and memorable for viewers. 

This statement applies to your videos as well – they have to stick to a chosen design in detail. 

Another important thing is to set up the brand account. It will allow you to use more features that are not available for personal profiles – YouTube analytics. 

Add Your Contacts

You must do that in order to increase your reach and ease the process of communication. Besides your general information, like physical store locations and working hours, phone numbers, emails, you should also add links to other social platforms. 

Don’t forget to fill in the About section of your channel. You can put in there basic information about your brand and the purpose of the channel. 

Accumulate The Content And Make Plans

Planning is a lifeline that holds your growth together. You should develop a schedule for your content to prevent chaos in your posts. Users like consistency a lot. It doesn’t mean that you can’t apply any changes to it on the go. A content plan is something that evolves and changes all the time. If you come up with a new idea, you have two ways to go – you either save it for later or interchange it with the video that is included in your upcoming schedule. However, there are some ground rules that you should keep in mind when you are creating your posting calendar:

  • Keep it real. Don’t plan too much content to be released at once. Quality is preferred, which is why you must save more time to revise your closest updates.
  • Set concrete intervals. For example, your how-to’s are to be uploaded every Thursday, and reviews are out on Sunday.
  • Stack some ready videos in your pocket, for the case when you run out of ideas or any unpredictable situation happens.
  • Reveal your timing to your subs. When people know what day their favorite part of the content will be uploaded, they will try to watch it as fast as it is possible for them. And this means a fast increase in the ratings for you.

Make Your Content Clickable

It means that you should pay a lot of attention to things that users see before they have actually watched your video. 

The first thing to be concerned about is titles. The headline is half of the success for your video. Your video titles have to include keywords that are the most relevant to your industry, and also they must be revealing what this film is about. Not completely, of course, but enough to engage.

And another thing that plays a big part in the clickability of your content is a thumbnail, which was mentioned before. This little picture is the first visual representation of your brand that a random user will see. It has to be interesting, appealing, and readable. This picture is tiny, so try not to put in many details. 


Running a business on YouTube is an interesting yet complicated task. We hope that these techniques and hacks will help you to establish a successful brand.