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How To Succeed In Business: Astrological Advice!

The business world can be highly ambivalent. Some days may witness prosperity and flourishing while others are replete with highs and lows. Online astrology consultations can help people strengthen their resolve and keep up their zest. They also reveal other fruitful insights that tell people whether their business will remain lucrative in the future. 

Astrological indications induce a sense of peace in people’s lives and invoke positive vibrations in them. Online astrology consultations take into account your birth chart, placement, and strength of Mercury, Jupiter, and the Moon that are crucial to a business’s successful running.


Mercury is the most notable planet and demonstrates skill, tact, communication, intellect, trade, and dealing. Astrologists strongly rely on its placement to discern an ongoing business’s success or establish a newer one. Mercury must be associated with the seventh house to manifest its efficacy. 

On the other hand, Venus is known to stimulate affluence, joy, abundance, luxury, etc.  It is preferred for Venus to be placed in the 2nd or 11th house of the chart for evident results. Jupiter imparts finance, wisdom, happiness, satisfaction, etc. Its offerings are linked with the smooth running of a business. Being connected to the 2nd and 11th houses ensures the best results. 

The placement of the moon is also paramount in determining the triumph of the business. Its necessary arrangement can liberate the difficulties associated with the birth chart and invite affluence and sound mind into the person’s life. 

Sun also plays a critical role in ascertaining a business’s longevity. The Surya signifies vigor, power, and acceptance. These are essential combinations and permutations needed for a successful business reign.

Some people also approach astrologists before pursuing a career in the business field. They must get their 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 11th house of the horoscopes assessed to do so. Primarily, the 10th house is popularly known as the House of Career. Therefore it is an extension of your biases and successes. It exposes a room full of possibilities and allows people to make more informed choices.


1) The procedure begins by examining one’s Kundli (birth-chart) and gauging whether they are fit to be in the business industry or not. 

2) Subsequently, the study of which planet is placed on the 10th house following the birth chart. The house is known to determine a person’s career opportunities. Haphazard placement of planets can be a detriment to your business. They must be favorably placed. 

3) Astrologists also examine the zodiac signs to evaluate your current situation. In some cases, despite the accurate positioning of planets, businesses still undergo huge losses. If such events surface, attempt to see the events of the preceding year. Maybe, the timing is out of place now, and it will be more plausible to initiate business dealings next year. 

Being mindful of these factors in cumulation has helped several people. Individuals swear by this way of life because it helps instill hope and reassure people that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 


But it does not mean that one can neglect responsibilities and obligations merely by consulting an astrologist. You still have to put in the magnanimous effort and push your limits. Hard work adjoined by luck and laced with help are the ingredients to a thriving business.