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What’s the Difference Between Apartments and Lofts?

Lofts, condos, apartments, and studios are a few of the most popular living options nowadays. However, these living spaces are different from each other. Search here to find condos and lofts that suit you the best. 

What Are Lofts?

Usually, lofts are living spaces at a building’s uppermost level. They are a kind of room built directly under the building’s roof. They are open spaces that people use for residential purposes. Because of their layout, many former industrial buildings have been converted into lofts. The first time you enter into a loft apartment, you’ll notice the building elements such as vents and ducts woven into the ceiling, pillars, beams, and other structural elements. Back in the 90s, artists were attracted to its open layout. Since then, lofts have become popular among tenants who wish to design their living spaces as per their wishes. Owners can easily personalize their loft and use it for multiple purposes. You can convert it into your living area or working area as per your requirement. Above the main floor of your loft, you may have a semi-bedroom that overlooks the entire area. 

What Are Apartments?

Apartments are real estate residential spaces that you could use as a housing unit. Instead of having multiple levels, apartments are single-story rentals. Multiple apartments are usually present in a building or apartment complex. They were originally built to meet the demand for a low-cost residential place for people working away from their homes. Initially, apartments used to be simply furnished. However, now as people prefer to stay in their apartments for longer, they decorate them more elaborately. There are various types of apartments including, communal apartments, garden apartments, and studio apartments.

Apartment VS Loft

Apartments and Lofts have different layout styles. The former is divided according to the number of rooms it has, while the latter has an open floor plan. This is why artists prefer living in a loft, as its open floor plan makes it easier for them to decorate the area as per their preference. If you want your space to have an organized division, you will appreciate the typical apartment layouts. 

An apartment is just a smaller version of a traditional house with bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. As apartments have individual rooms, roommates and family members can get the privacy they want. Apartments have electricity and plumbing facilities as they are built to provide their residents with maximum comfort. 

Features Of A Loft

Since most lofts have an industrial background, the wiring and plumbing are exposed, and the walls have a rustic charm. Ductwork and exposed brick walls are common features in loft apartments that many people find appealing.

Lofts give their owners a sense of flexibility. Some lofts come with walls that you can modify as per your wish. 

Most lofts have a high vaulted ceiling and large windows that brighten and freshen up the entire space by letting in natural light. You will never feel claustrophobic in your loft. 

Loft apartments are quite desirable as they are chic and innately cool. As lofts give you extra wall space, you have ample area to decorate and showcase artwork on. Along with having architectural perks and a flexible layout, lofts are classic, sophisticated, and laid-back living areas where you can easily relax. 

However, because of the walls and vaulted ceilings, soundwaves in the loft are amplified. If there is a small noise at one end of your loft apartment, you will be able to hear it across the entire space. Nevertheless, you can counteract this advantage by decorating your place strategically. Also, lofts offer limited privacy, especially if you are using the loft area as your bedroom. This will not be a big problem if you are living with your partner or alone. However, lofts are not ideal living solutions when children and roommates are involved.

Why Should You Live In A Loft?

If you wish to live alone, you will find lofts to be the perfect option for you. Even if it is a loft-style unit in a regular apartment complex, there would still be something different and fun about it. If you want to live in a peaceful surrounding, you should go for these kinds of units. You can make your loft unique by designing it in whatever way you want. Lofts are places that will stand out to your family and friends. If you want to get a comfortable loft where you can live and work freely, visit

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