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5 Ways to Save Money on Roof Replacement

The last thing anyone would want is to have to replace their roof. The roof in many of our homes is a major component of the building. Building it requires time and money and normally we would want it to last for as long as the house lasts. But it can’t be helped that it must be replaced either because of structural changes or severe damage. Nevertheless, not replacing it might mean a total loss of the house or severe damage to the interior.

If the inevitable does happen and we are advised to replace the roof, there are ways we can save money on the project. There are several tips and hacks we can use to our advantage to get the best possible deal from contractors and materials without spending an arm and a leg in getting our roof replaced.

Do the math

The best way to save on replacing your roof is to be prepared. Before even paying a contractor to come in and do the job, do your homework. Ask experts about it, the labor that’s required as well as the materials that will be needed. Ask friends who have gone through the same experience and the several pitfalls to avoid. It also helps that you know the exact dimensions of your roof as well as the possible materials you can use to replace it.

Look around

You can definitely ask quotes from different roofing contractors like roofing Tampa FL. They will be more than happy to crunch a rough estimate for your use. And even before you choose to hire a contractor; it’s good to ask for local reference. Some of these contractors are quite familiar with the building codes and regulation in your area and could even get the job done quickly and with minimal hassle on your part.

Ask for a schedule

An obvious way to inflate your budget would be when there’s no timeline in place. Remember, you’ll be paying by the hour for manpower so any time that a job sits uncompleted means more money you’ll have to shell out to pay for labor. A good contractor should be able to provide with a detailed timeline in completing the project.

Do some of the work

Not all the work has to be completed by the contractor. In fact, you can save a few bucks by doing some of the work yourself. This can include doing some of the prep work like clearing the attic or removing some of the old roofing materials, jobs that normally fall unto the hands of day laborers.

Consider an overlay

An overlay requires installing new shingles on top of the old ones. Overlays can be done when damage is confined to just the shingles. The old roofing structure is untouched and you save time and money by shortening the labor hours. But consider it carefully. Overlays could void the manufacturer warranty on the roofing materials.

Getting your roof replaced is going to be a major endeavor on your part but it doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars especially when you have the right contractor and a can-do attitude.