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Intercom Systems

An intercom system is a great way to decide who has access to your business and who doesn’t. Having an intercom system means you can sit behind your desk and look on the screen and see who is wanting access. You can grant access to someone just by pushing a button. There are many different intercom systems some are just audio while others have a whole video set up where you are able to ask them to show you their credentials and you can see on the screen right in front of you. With the ability of having a system with zooming features gives you full control of approving who is at the door. If you think you could benefit from an intercom system your local Petrov Locksmith Midtown East, NY can assist in getting that sorted for you.


Believe it or not these locks may be small and might not seem like they can deter a criminal, but they work better thank you think. Dead-locks are near impossible to pick and no criminal will take the time to try and do it instead they will move on. A door with a cheap lock is a weak point that criminals are already searching for. Making cheap locks your defence from the criminals can be a big mistake. These should be applied to each and every door from the outside to inside including the garage. You should have a patio door lock installed as well so your house can remain criminal free.

Cards and keypads

Locksmith Midtown East, NY can install a card and keypad for you for ease of access. The use of these in businesses is growing significantly as business owners prefer not to be giving out keys to each and every person within the business. With a master card system or a keypad where you need to enter a combination of numbers in order to be gained access are what Petrov Locksmith specialise in. Your local locksmith can service and repair these should a malfunction occur.

You can ask Petrov Locksmith for a non-obligation free quote

Ask around for a few quotes to see who beats the difference. Your locksmith Midtown East, NY will be happy to give you’re a quote before any work is carried out. A trusted and qualified locksmith will ensure they give you a cost estimate with a break down on labour fees and what the parts cost. Some locksmiths work evenings and offer 24/7 service so be sure to ask about extra fees for weekends and after-hours work.

Moving home and wondering about the security?

When you move to a new area it can be stressful, but it is important not to forget about the security around you if you do it can lead to horrible consequences.

Homes that are not protected are a target for vandals that thrive on taking advantage of people.

Get a locksmith Midtown East, NY to rekey your home

When you move into a new home make it a priority to get the locks rekeyed. Re-keying will ensure the old owners cannot enter the home with their old keys. If your home has been recently built it can be a good idea to get the locks re-keyed as you never know if the construction workers have a key cut, you can never trust everyone.

Verify the Midtown East, NY locksmith before getting work done

Companies can advertise work they have done and tell you all about their certifications but there are scammers out there, so it is Important that the Car Locksmith Midtown East, NY that you choose for your lock and key needs has the correct paperwork and certifications. If a locksmith that is not qualified installs a safe for you and it gets broken into most often your insurance won’t cover you as you did not get a qualified locksmith to carry out the duties. Ensure they have a proper, legit address, phone number and ABN. You can use google maps to check out the address and see if there is actually a locksmith there at all. If not, then it would be beneficial to look elsewhere.

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