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5 Things to Look for While Choosing a Security Door

If you are just constructing your home, or you are renovating, or better still, you just want to upgrade your traditional doors to security doors, here is a guide that will help you make the best choice. There are a couple of things that you want to make sure you get right.

Besides, with the many brands and manufacturers out there, all making different types, designs, shapes, and sizes of security doors, you want to make sure you choose from a reputable manufacturer, such as KNA Security doors. Read on to find out what five things you should pay attention to;

Quality and Durability

A lot of people are just in business. Getting counterfeit and fake things are more common these days than getting real, high-quality things. For that reason, while you are on your grand search to find the best security door, one of the most important things you should care about is quality.

You can determine the quality of the doors by checking the papers and certifications. Make sure they meet the quality and strength standards set by the laws. They also need to be able to pass fire tests, and knife shear tests. Avoid substandard materials as they would definitely cost more in the end.

Powder Coated Doors

Most doors are coated with paint. However, except for looks and appearances, there is nothing much paints can do for your door in terms of quality and longevity. This is because it doesn’t add any protection to the door. They are prone to heat damage and other external factors.

Instead, choose powder-coated doors. This adds a layer of protection for your door and can hardly be damaged by heat. Unlike paints, which require high maintenance and repainting every once in a while, coated doors don’t need high maintenance. And they don’t need to be redone so often. 

Handles and Locks

Handles and locks are some of the most important parts of your door. Without them, the door is as good as not being there at all. That is why this should also be a big part of your concern when you are choosing a security door. You want to make sure just as much as you want a high-quality door, your handles and locks are also of high quality.

Check out their manufacturers and make sure they are from reputable brands. They also come in different types, sizes, shapes, and designs. You might want to choose mortice locks over surface-mounted ones. They are guaranteed higher security than the latter. 

The Design

Now that some of the most important stuff is covered, you can decide the design that you want. You will always find multiple options in the market; different shapes, sizes, finish, styles, colors, and designs, which may make it hard to choose. 

Go for the one that most suits your home. This is in terms of appearance, color, finish, texture, styles, décor, and of course the surrounding environment. You also want a little of your personality to shine through your door. This is not a hard part. Just unleash your interior and exterior design abilities and leverage them.


The last but not least factor that you want to consider is the cost. Of course, there are more important things that come before costs and there is more beyond the budget. However, don’t undermine the red flags and green lights the price of the door can give you.

You first want to determine the type of door you want, research the market price, set your budget, and then set out to shop. Despite the fact that you want to save some cash on these investments, be wary of way below market price doors. It could just be a red flag. You want to make sure the door you choose suits your budget and all your requirements.