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How To Fly Private

For first-timers, just the thought of (finally) flying in a private jet may be a little overwhelming. It is both exciting and a little scary. You probably have a lot of questions in your mind like; how to go about the whole process, how it is going to feel, are you even going to like it, and more.

Well, there is only one way to answer those questions. And that is by actually flying private. But before you even get there, there is a process you have to follow, from finding the best jets and the best deals to being on the plane. Read on to find out;

Choosing the Jet

Here is where most of the task is. You will notice that you have multiple options when it comes to choosing your flight. You can always get some of the best deals by MidAmerica jet Nashville TN. But you have to consider the following factors first;

The Type of Jet

Private jets come in many different options; multiple sizes and types. And the right aircraft for you will be determined by your needs and preferences. Here are the different types of jets you can get;

Light/ mid-sized jets

These have the capacity for at least 4 to 8 passengers. They are much smaller than most jet types but they are fast, fun, and efficient. They are also most ideal for solo traveling, a couple, or a small group of friends and mostly has a small private lavatory onboard.

Large cabin jets

Just like the name suggests, these are large, larger than the mid-sized jets. But they are not the biggest types in the market. They are great for larger groups of people e.g. colleagues, friends, extended families, and such. They have a capacity for up to 13 passengers and can fly nonstop up to 6 hours.

Ultra long-range jets

Ultra long-range jets are made for long distances’ efficiency. They are large and suitable for a large group traveling or corporate flying. They come with flat beds options to sleep, larger cabin configurations, larger bathrooms, and more. They are also fast and can travel long hours. 

Your requirements

Now that you know what some of the different types of jets are, you have to consider your requirements. Here are some of the things to put to thoughts;

The type of traveling

The first thing you want to consider is where you are going and why; is it for business, work, or vacation. You also have to consider the distance you are traveling and how many people will be onboard. This will not only help you choose the type of aircraft but the size as well.

How many people are going

Next, you want to know how many people will be on board. If you are going with a couple of friends, how many of them are you going with? Are you all going to contribute to the flight or is it a treat? This will also allow you to know the type of aircraft you need.

How much luggage you will carry

How much luggage you carry also plays a great role in what type and size of aircraft you will use. Small jets don’t have the capacity to handle as much as larger jets. It also depends on the number of people on board because chances are. Everyone will have their own bag.


Next up is cost. If this is a vacation, of course you are going to want to save for it first and create a budget. Different types of jets come in different styles, sizes, services, and more. The amount of money you bring together will also determine the type of jet you get as well as the size and the services.

Preference and liking

What preferences do you have? Do you have an idea in mind of the services you want to experience, extra services, such as massage, a special chef, and more? Also, you have to make sure that your preferences and likes match your budgets because extra services come with extra costs.

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