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Housewarming Gift Shopping on a Budget

Summer and spring seem to be found when friends and couples move into new houses.

If you have a lot of friends who are in their 20s there is going to be a common occurrence of marriages and house warming parties. But it can get expensive to buy gifts for everyone.

Hence we have compiled a list of affordable gifts that you can give to your friends and don’t worry they won’t look cheap!

You can even personalize some of these gifts and make your friend remember you every time they use the gift

1. Baking utensils

If your friends like to bake then they can never have enough baking trays, spatulas, and biscuit shapers. You can even get the spatulas customized. He/she is bound to love it and remember you every time they bake something. You can ‘shop here’ for some amazing options – they will certainly help you stay in a budget.

2. Candles

A nicely scented candle can be used anywhere in the house. They can use it in the bathroom when they go for a bubble bath, in the study room, or lounge when they are relaxing by watching a movie or reading a book, on the dining table when they have a romantic dinner, and lastly if by any chance electricity goes out. It is a common gift but candles can never be enough and almost all of them always end up being used.

3. Coasters

Now, this may seem unusual but if you have seen some of their new furniture you can get matching coasters or get customized ones. They are personal and will help them protect their new furniture from any kind of stains.

4. Mugs

You can give your friend a customized mug on which you can write their name, nickname, and even their favorite quote. This will make them feel special and a personalized gift is always treasured – never forgotten!

5. A portable espresso machine

If your friend is a coffee lover then he/she is bound to enjoy this gift. The espresso machines today are not just small but also portable. This means that it can easily fit into their kitchen and if they are late for the office they can carry it to the office – the best part the coffee will always be hot!

6. Decorative containers

The kitchen is the most ignored part of the home when people are decorating their homes. Hence some decorative containers would be the perfect gift and they definitely wouldn’t have thought of getting one up till now. You can easily get a set for up to $20 and they would always come in use rather than being put aside

7. Frames

Everybody likes to add personal touches to their home. You can help your friend doing that by giving them a frame with a picture of their most treasured moment or the most special moment that you have with them. Frames with pictures help people feel ‘homey’ in their new surroundings.

8. Plant hangers

This is the perfect house warming gift for your environment advocate friend. He/she will be planning to plants in their lounge, balcony, or backyard and these hangers are bound to come in handy.

9. Welcome doormat

With moving in and setting up things in the new house. Now you can be their savior and give them things they might have forgotten about. For instance, you can give them doormats?   You can even customize a doormat, for instance, you can write ‘Leave the shoes out the door’ or ‘You can leave the seriousness outside as we’re funny as hell’

10. Organizers

They may seem insignificant to you but they’re a blessing in disguise. They help people adjust all their things in one space. Now there is a different type of organizer cupboard organizer, storeroom organizer, and even fridge organizer. No matter which one you buy they will be thanking you for the gift.

If I was a homeowner and my friend got me any of these gifts. I would certainly be thankful to them. The gifts are cute, personal and even practical – honestly, after all that expenditure they need practical things so that they can save on costs.