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Ways to Utilize Your Smartphone to Home Repair

This is the age of technology and modern electronics. Today’s smartphones have long been used not only for communication but also for work and creativity. Therefore, your beloved phone can become a faithful assistant in repair work. In our time, even the arrangement of an apartment can be made using this indispensable gadget.

Of course, you won’t be hammering nails with it or doing any similar heavy repairs. Just download a few useful applications, and your repair will become know-how. In addition to applications, there are games through which you can build the interior of your dreams.  Source: Apppearl.


One of the first in the list of useful applications is HutQA. It should be installed before the start of the repair because this is the so-called construction calculator.

It will help you quickly calculate the cost of building materials and make a repair budget. This is useful if you are doing repairs yourself. But even if you hired a construction team, the real cost of consumables will be also transparent. So unscrupulous repairmen will not be able to profit from you.

In this application, you can calculate the cost of tiles, wallpaper, paint, various floor coverings. The app is installed for a fee. But it is better to pay a small amount once than to turn the repair into a black hole for your wallet.


The next app on the list is Home Repair School. This is a whole encyclopedia and handy instructions for those who want to understand all the subtleties of the repair business. Here are the recommendations and tips of experienced professionals. The application can be useful not only during repairs but also to solve further household difficulties.

The AutoCAD app is a real drawing folder on your smartphone. You can make 2D and 3D projections of the apartment, planning the interior of the room in detail. In the app, you can make captions and move objects through drawings. For novice designers and architects, this will be a very useful thing. And its main advantage is that it is free.

Smart Tools

From plans and designs, it’s time to move on to the real thing. This is where Smart Tools comes in. It includes all the tools you need to take measurements. You can measure the angle, height, width, length, etc.

Master Design

Having finished planning the repair, it’s time to move on to the arrangement and visualization of future rooms. This is where the Master Design app comes in handy. Of course, it is not a professional program, but for the initial planning stage, it will suit you fine. Using three-dimensional graphics, you can see not only the view from above but also from different angles.


With the help of a smartphone, you can not only plan and calculate repairs but also just get inspired and look for new interesting solutions. There is a special application for this – Dwell. We can say that this is an electronic version of the elite American magazine about architecture and design. So with it, you will be aware of all the new products and popular features for creating a modern and fashionable interior.

Dulux Visualizer

Paint company Dulux released the Visualizer AR app, which is designed to digitally paint walls in real-time. The app works very quickly and surprisingly well. For example, you can see what the walls will be, and the real furniture in front of them.

In addition to painting the interior walls, the application can also “paint” the walls outside the house, as well as apply virtual wood processing – up to decking and fences.

Especially interesting is that with the help of Dulux Visualizer, you can take a picture of an object and then find a paint of the same color as this object.

IKEA Home Planner

IKEA Home Planner is designed for those who are planning to furnish their future home with IKEA furniture. The app allows you to look at a combination of different colors, styles, and accessories. You can print out the finished result and take it to your nearest IKEA store.

Make the most of your smartphone. Let it serve you not only for work and leisure but also to be a real helper in repairing and designing the important place – your own home.