Monday, April 19, 2021

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3 Ways to Boost Your School Team’s Spirit

Now that the school year has started, it’s time to think about extracurricular activities. Whether it’s the debate club, the football team, or the theatre troupe, you’re excited to see all your pals again and make the school proud of your talents and skills.

In the early days of the school year, many team leaders like to host events and activities to encourage camaraderie and boost morale. Ensuring that everyone knows each other well is critical to cultivating a winning, successful team.

Your class may not have been able to finish the school year last June because of the COVID-19 lockdown. Getting your team together for some old-fashioned school spirit might be just what everyone needs.

For some creative ways to bring your team or club mates together, read on to discover three unique ideas.

1. Customized Team or Club Uniforms

Nothing emphasizes team spirit quite like a uniform. Personalized uniforms with your colours, crest, or logo enable feelings of unity and empathy among members. Sometimes all it takes is a customized t-shirt to get the team’s spirit back in action.

To strengthen your team’s energy and identity, consider a uniform with high quality custom t shirts printed at a company that offers screen-printing and embroidery. The right company will provide a broad range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel so your team can find their perfect style.

2. A Field Trip

An excellent idea to encourage team spirit is to plan a field trip this fall. Is there an exciting museum in your town that you could visit? Or, maybe a sporting event to attend? Another idea is to go on an over-night adventure — perhaps a camping trip or to a cabin. Ask your teammates what interests them, and vote on something you can all agree on.

When it’s time to go on the field trip, leave the confines of school and work behind and utilize the experience to bond with one another and, most importantly, have some fun!

3.  Story Time

This idea might encourage some people to get out of their comfort zone, but that’s the point! Everyone sits in a circle and writes down one story topic on a piece of paper. The concept is to come up with a broad list of ideas, including anything from a favourite holiday to time travel. As long as the ideas aren’t offensive or ill-intentioned, anything goes! All of the topics are written down and then thrown into a hat. The hat goes around the circle, and everyone picks one from the hat. Then, each person is given five minutes to tell a story about the topic in front of the team!

This activity might be a little nerve-wracking for the introverted team members, but it promotes trust and collaboration, and if nothing else, will provide a much-needed laugh.

It’s crucial to feel connected to every member of your club or on your team. Talk to your team’s leader about hosting a few activities and events throughout the school year to ensure you’re all on the same page.

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