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What to Renovate for a Comfortable Retirement

You’ve needed different things from your house throughout the years. When you first got the house, it was a symbol of pride. You wanted to show it off to all of your friends and host dinner parties and game nights every weekend. When you had kids, it became a family home. The walls were suddenly covered in photos, drawings and fingerprint smudges. When the kids grew up and moved out, the house became an empty nest.

Now that you’re starting your retirement, you want it to be a place where you can grow old comfortably. To make sure that it fits the bill, here are three renovations that you should make as soon as possible:

Add Railings

You’re going to want to add secure railings near staircases, indoors and outdoors. You should also think about putting grip rails on bathroom walls, where the floors can be slippery. Why is this so important? The reason why you need to install more railings is that falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors and result in more hospitalizations than any other type of injury. Most of these falls happen at home. More importantly, most of these falls are preventable.

If you really want to be safe, you should look at these other tips to help older adults avoid falls that go beyond home renovations. Reading it could save you an unpleasant trip to the ER.

Widen Doorways

There is a chance that you will need a mobility aid like a wheelchair, walker or cane in the future. You’ll want to make sure that you can easily make your way through the house with one or more of these devices. Widening doorways and eliminating tight squeezes will do this.

Improve the Lighting

It’s natural that seniors develop various vision problems over time and need to adjust the lighting in their homes. Bad lighting will force you to spend lots of time fumbling in the dark. So, you should install more light fixtures so that every room is brighter and clearer — this is especially important for rooms that are notoriously dim, like basements, attics and crawlspaces.

After installing better fixtures, you can use home décor to bring more light into a room. Some of the best ways to brighten up rooms are to paint the walls in pale shades and hang up mirrors to reflect light. These optical illusions can go a long way.

What if you can’t do these renovations? It’s possible that these home improvements will be too expensive, inconvenient or challenging to finish. If that’s the case, you should think about moving into a luxury senior home for your retirement. These senior homes are guaranteed to have all of these accessibility features. They also have professional care options that you can sign up for over the years, whenever you need more help. You’re guaranteed to have a very comfortable retirement there.

Retirement is all about rest and relaxation. You can’t rest and relax if your living space isn’t safe and comfortable. Take the time to make these renovations for your house or move to a place that has already done them.

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