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Neelam – The Magical Stone to Get Rich

With its stunning color, Neelam stone or blue sapphire is a powerful stone of royalty and fortunes. Throughout the history of humankind, this gemstone has represented the celestial favors and symbolism of power. From Hebrew lore to Greek mythology, blue sapphire has been the channel for spiritual enlightenment, eternal protection, and devotion.

At the heart of its metaphysical properties, this stone carries the humongous ability to make you rich in every sense. It not only brings material comforts, but divine favors as well to your life. Here are the attributes that make Neelam stone a proud possession.

Brings Abundance and Prosperity

The universal energies of blue sapphire invite unending fortunes and abundance in your life. If you this gemstone in its purest form, it will help you accomplish success in every venture and professional choice you make.

Without compromising your beliefs and values, you will fulfill your dreams and aspirations with positivity. When you want to reap rich benefits and rewards for your hard work and dedication, blue sapphire is a gemstone to lead your way.

Sometimes, when you look for untapped opportunities and income resources, blue sapphire can help you build financial stability by exploring them. It lets you bask in the bliss of financial freedom and a happy life with great mental acuity and confidence.

Motivates to Make the Right Decisions

It is needless to say that your ability to become rich depends on your decision-making capacities. Properties of blue sapphire or Neelam help in both. It supports you when your mind is muddled with confusing thoughts and allows you to make rational decisions. By balancing the thought process, it leads you to the path of success.

You can accomplish your life goals with more confidence and perseverance when you carry the divine connections and unbridled powers of blue sapphire. Most importantly, this stone can instill discipline you need to stay committed to your goals and aspirations. When you want to harbor honest insights about your pursuits, blue sapphire stone can build its foundation.

It keeps you grounded in the face of dejection and failures, so you won’t stray from your career path. After all, your potential to get rich depends on your ability to make the most of every failure or opportunity tossed at you.

Saves from Bad Company

No matter how much money you earn or how much success you gain, it all goes in vain if you fall in bad company. You need to protect your heart and mind from unsavory people who want to take advantage of your success and leave you penniless in the end.

But, if you have a companion like Neelam stone, you can thwart their attempts and overturn their malicious advances into fruitful opportunities. This gemstone acts as a protector against evil spirits, negativity, and bad company that may ruin everything you have gained in your life. It will bring your success and fortunes but above all, it teaches you to retain them for your life.

Symbolizes Integrity and Leadership

Throughout the history, wealth has been amassed by those who chose the path of leadership and integrity. When you need these attributes to gain success in your endeavors, Neelam can help. This stone symbolizes integrity and helps in positivity resolutions of issues demanding justice.

In the ancient times, people carried blue sapphire crystals to sign the treaties, negotiate the contracts, and define the payment terms. The paler shades of blue sapphire also signify honest and wise leadership, especially for women.

When you need a source to ground your ideas into reality without losing the integrity, choose blue sapphire to make it happen. This stone can bring unforeseen riches to savvy business owners and entrepreneurs.

Removes the Blockages of Speech and Communication

Becoming rich is all about expressing your ideas and implementing them into successful strategies. You need powerful speech and communication abilities to accomplish this feat. But, any imbalance in your throat chakra restricts these capacities. It throws your communication skills out of balance and you will find it hard express your ideas during the most important business or professional interactions.

By stimulating, balancing, and opening the throat chakra, Neelam stone allows free flow of energy within your inner-self to enable free expression. You will lose your inhibitions and doubts to make bold decisions that can lead you to the path of wealth accumulation.

Sapphire has exceptional abilities to focus and calm your mind to release unwanted thoughts and stress. Apart from the materialistic comforts and riches, it brings an immense wealth of intuition, joy, and lightness in your life. Being rich is not only about accumulating great wealth. Instead, you need a perfect balance of contentment and prosperity for your life.

Blue sapphire makes it possible with its calming aura facilitated by its ruling planet of Saturn. Those afflicted with the Sadhe Sati or malefic position of Saturn in their horoscope will find great relief by wearing this stone. However, you should never buy blue sapphire that’s treated or lab-created. Also, don’t wear it without astrological consultation to avoid any negative impact.

How to Choose the Right Blue Sapphire Stone?

Since the color is the first thing that draws you to a gemstone, you should choose the best. In case of blue sapphire, cornflower blue shade of Ceylonese stones is the right choice. Though this stone has several inherent flaws, look for a gem with no visible inclusions, scratches, blemishes.

The cut and carat weight should correspond to your horoscope. Buying from a trusted store like GemPundit can relieve you to a great extent. Reputable sellers have an extensive variety with free lab certification and in-house experienced astrologers to guide you at every step.

How to Wear Blue Sapphire to Get Rich?

The key is to find the right stone and wear it close to your skin in a precious metal like sterling silver or platinum. Buy Blue Sapphire with a minimum weight of two carats to get the most of it. This stone is best worn in the middle finger of your working hand on a Saturday after cleansing the stone in a bowl of milk.