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Smart Home Gadgets to Help You live a Cool Life 2020

Home automation is becoming more and more popular inside our homes: homes are increasingly hi-tech, thus facilitating their management. This article has focused on smart home gadgets that will be not only pleasant but also useful for living a cool life in 2020.

The cleaning robot

Very useful especially for those who work all day, or for those who have a pet, the Dreame vacuum cleaner is the first purchase to make for a smart home. Even better if it can do everything by itself, ensuring maximum cleanliness in the corners and along the edges, and with the ability to map the house and
A Dreame robot vacuum cleaner chooses the best way to clean every room in the house, and eliminates almost all pollen and molds: in this way, the home will be cleaner but also safer.

The smart assistant

There are a variety of intelligent assistant models on the market. Small devices capable of interacting with humans, who just need a simple sentence to make them perform a certain action: you can know what the weather will be during the day, get the answer to any curiosity that comes to mind, know the programs on tv of the evening. You can ask the assistant to listen to a song, to tell a story to the children. If you then also connect the household appliances, you can operate them simply by saying the command.

The burglar-proof camera

In terms of safety, a smart home cannot ignore the use of a camera that connects directly to the power socket, to eliminate the worry of flat batteries. In the event of a break-in, the smart cameras immediately alert the homeowner’s smartphone and often boast continuous recording, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, taking care of your home will be much easier.

Inexpensive Gadgets

You can also purchase a sommelier set or a wine set, which includes an electric corkscrew, aerator, a cutter, and a vacuum stopper. You can have a high-quality electric shaver and can get an ultrasonic face cleaner. You and your loved ones are lovers of progress and love different gadgets; you can also choose a smart light bulb, making your home smarter.

If a child manifests himself as a creative person and manifests it everywhere, including the walls, then you should think about buying an easel for drawing or a graphics tablet, which will allow you to express your imagination, and more than once. It can be used not only for drawing, but also to leave funny notes to each other.

A high-quality writing accessory – a pen – will be an excellent gift for a person. Not just a ballpoint pen, but an accessory during the creation, which the developers did a great work: they thought over the design of the case, used only high-quality materials and quick-drying ink from the famous Swiss company. And if your friend also has a smartphone, then you can give him wireless charging or an external battery with wireless charging.
Without going into the merits of structural and wired systems, there are numerous gadgets for a smart home. Small accessories that, to work, require only the presence of a Wi-Fi network and an application to be installed on your smartphone.