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What Does the Bible Say About Dreams?

We all experience dreams when we sleep no matter how old we are or what religion or social standing we have. Dreams are considered to be a reflection of our desires, conflicts, and emotions. Many people like interpreting dreams to learn more about themselves. Many of our dreams are quite random and often don’t have any special significance. However, some dreams do have some special significance. Many people believe that such dreams are sent by God and are a way of Him sending us some message. There are many people who see dreams of Jesus and associate them with their lives.  Many believe that seeing a dream of Jesus in the clouds or talking to you is a sign of Him communicating with you. Even the Bible has many instances where God communicates with the people through dreams. So, what does the Bible really say about dreams? Let us find out.

Discover More About God

Our elders believed that dreams about Jesus were just an encouragement for you to discover more about God. They thought that dreaming of God means you are becoming curious about Him and want to know more. Even in the Bible, it is said that dreams were sent by God to spread his word and enlighten more people. In the Bible, many people often saw Jesus in their dreams and then went on a quest to know more about Him. God often sent dreams to those worthy people to make them come closer to Him.

God Communicating Through Dreams 

The Bible also shows many instances where God communicates with the people through dreams. Whether it is the Old Testament or the New Testament, there are many instances where prophets have seen dreams where God speaks to them of His will. There are also instances when God calls his preachers in the dream to other places to preach and spread His word. Through such dreams, God is communicating with us. When you have dreams of seeing Jesus in the clouds or talking to Him, it often means He is watching over you. 

Foretell the Future

Another way that God communicated with the people was to foretell the future and spread the word. The Bible has many instances when God sends a dream to his followers telling them what will happen in the future. In the Old Testament, Joseph has a dream that his family would Bow down to him. And later during the great famine, this dream comes true when they come to him for help. There are many other instances where God sends hints of future events through dreams. 

Warn Against Danger

Another way that God communicates with us is by warning us of imminent danger or threat. In the New Testament, Jesus’s father has a dream of an angel telling him to flee Egypt. This is a warning by God so that he can prevent Herod from killing his son. There are other instances where God sends dreams to warn his followers of the threats they will face in the future. 

Dreams have always had a lot of significance in our lives. The Bible too mentions dreams as God’s way of talking to us. However, the Bible also warns us to not put too much faith in dreams. Not all dreams are significant. It is important to remain cautious and not become dependent on your dreams.