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Thicker Racks Are More Expensive? Selection of Racks Pay Attention to These Points

Racks as warehouses, supermarkets and other places where users place goods bearing racking, the thickness and material of the steel racking are related to the ability of the racks to bear the weight. Many users will choose to buy thicker racks in order to place the rack’s collapse and damage. So, compared to conventional racks, thicker racks are more expensive? Here I will answer for you.

Take light duty racks as an example, according to my query to major wholesale websites, I found that the price of ordinary light duty racks is as follows: low-end price per group is 100~300 yuan, mid-range price per group is 400~800 yuan, high-end price per group is about 800 yuan. And the price of thickened light duty racks is as follows: the price per group for the low end is 100~300 yuan, and the price per group for the middle and high end is about 680 yuan. From the above point of view, the price range of thickened racks and ordinary racks is not much different, but the above prices are collected and collated from the network, for reference only, the specific price need to consult by the specific selling manufacturers. And it is worth mentioning that the price of racks on the market varies widely, and the price of the factors affecting the paint, process and brand, in addition to thickness, so you can not look at the thickness alone to compare prices.

In order to help users procure better quality racks, I summarized a few notes on the purchase of racks:

First, the loading capacity of the racks, especially in the e-commerce industry built by the storage loading capacity is about how much?

Second, the material is actually the main cost consideration.

Third, easy loading and unloading layout and access to goods.

Other issues to note are.

1, The warehouse itself, the ground load-bearing level, this figure needs to be obtained from the contractor. This parameter is very important, if your warehouse is ground load-bearing only 1 ton, racks load-bearing 5 tons, it is bound to ground sinking or deformation, heavy or even collapse, causing safety accidents. Do not simply consider the construction of high racks in order to save space, but also consider the basic weight of the materials stored in high racks.

2, The rack load material categories and load material containers. The size of the rack needs to have a relationship with the material or container bearing, the size can be customized, but it is best to give the suggested size by the rack supplier, on the one hand, is relatively professional, on the other hand, if problems arise, you can also share part of the responsibility.

3, Rack loading and unloading equipment. Now whether there are already racks stacking equipment, if there is, you need to consider the radius of gyration of the equipment, equipment width and other factors.

4, The storage of materials in and out of the form of goods and storage time. There may be a variety of storage time in the warehouse different materials, which requires consideration of the form of entry and exit or storage to find a really suitable, can achieve high space utilization rate of storage racks. Example: drive-in racking, adjustable pallet racking, rolling racking, mobile racking, and general high bay racking. If you choose such racks, you may also need to invest in certain loading and unloading equipment, such as narrow aisle forklifts, etc.

5, Factory rack layout. Many companies are only concerned about the space utilization of racks when building racks, but ignore the logistics concept. Never pay attention to the mobility of materials after the construction of racks, because the layout is different, the size of the racks, load-bearing, loading and unloading equipment and other aspects may be different.

6, Electronic system supporting. If the capital investment is sufficient, you can consider some relatively high technology content of the equipment. Automated three-dimensional warehouse, forklift direct picking system, etc. Need to check in advance whether the existing warehouse management system can be docked with these systems. If there is a problem, it needs to be developed separately, and the development cost should be included in the rack construction program.

The above is an answer to “thicker racks are more expensive?” I hope you can find the answer to this question.

Xinmiao is a professional manufacturer of storage racks and warehouse mezzanines in China. If you have more questions about warehouse storage related issues, please contact Xinmiao now, trust them to give you the most professional answers.

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