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6 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Their New Childcare Settings

You’ve picked your quality childcare center, assessed, and made sure that the center you’ve chosen is the best for your child. Today is the day to drop them off before you head to work. It’s going to be hard for you, and it’s going to be especially hard for your infant or toddler. How do you prepare them for their new childcare settings? Here some advice on how you can help prepare your child for what’s coming ahead.

#1 Make sure to share information about your child.

Give as much information as you can about your child to the caregiver. Things such as likes, dislikes, their cues, and temperaments are all essential information that the childcare provider would be able to use to provide a nurturing environment for your child. Childcare centers such as Kids Kinder Childcare love it when parents talk to them about their child’s routine the night before, if they slept well, and what they ate in the morning – all of this information will enable caregivers to know how best to care for your child.

#2 Create a morning routine for your child.

At least two to three weeks before sending off to childcare, start a routine to help your child feel in control of their surroundings, and lessen any anxiety. This includes talking to them about childcare, what to expect, and how long they will be there.

#3 Develop a goodbye routine.

As with the morning routine, you also want to create a goodbye routine for your child, so that they know that it’s time you’d be leaving them with the caregiver, and they wouldn’t feel any anxiety. This can be singing to your child while driving to the center, interacting together with a toy before you leave, giving them an object that reminds them of home, and even having a secret handshake. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you take enough time to talk to your child about what will be happening. Don’t rush this process.

#4 Find out what you can do at home.

Work together with your child’s caregiver to know what related activities you can do at home to extend the learning process from childcare. You can also share information about the activities you do with your child at home to give the caregiver some context.

#5 Make sure to complete any medical requirements.

Provide any medical information for your child to the childcare centers, and also find out from these centers if your child needs to go for any doctor or dental appointments.

#6 Bring a change of clothes.

Good quality childcare places provide a holistic learning and nurturing environment for your child to grow. These include activities such as water or finger painting, arts and crafts, and so on, which could require clothes change. Ask your center if you need to bring formula or diaper change as well.

By preparing your child ahead of time, you increase their chances of having a good experience at the childcare center. It makes it easier for caregivers to provide for your child. The learning process is smooth, and you’ll also be at ease of mind and heart, knowing that your child is happy.