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7 Tips to Help to Improve Your Writing Exams

Exams associate with stress. It is paralyzing brains and critical thinking. This is the reason why even people knowing English fluently are making unfortunate mistakes while taking exams. Only meticulous preparation may help to overcome this challenge. Get armed with the following strategy and best grammar checker to get the highest score.

Last But Not Least

There are dozens of exams to check English proficiency. All of them require a specific approach, but they have one common pattern. The hardest question bringing the highest score is placed at the end. In most cases, this can be an essay question, where you can shine with your vocabulary and grammar knowledge. Create a helpful have to write at least one essay a day and then in case you fail a test part it will be your survivor.

Work Through The Feedback

When preparation is guided by a tutor, the student doesn’t worry that much about feedback as he gets in constantly. But people who study alone make mistakes, when showing their works for proofreading to no one. Obviously, today variety of free online tools available for proper preparation, but to measure progress make someone more experienced to take a look at your test samples. This person may detect an important gap, invisible for your dilettant eye. For meaningful and objective feedback ask at least 3 people and apply their comments into practice.

Be a King of Time Management

In a common scenario, preparation for an exam is accompanied by other study, work, or family duties. In this flow of events, it is hard to spare a few hours a day on preparation, and often people postpone this exercise to the last moment. This tactic is botched beforehand. So use these tips:

  • If two hours per day seems unrealistic, start with 15 minutes and grow the duration 5 minutes every day
  • Don’t leave study time for the ned of the day. 99% that you will be tired by then and find an excuse to dismiss preparation
  • Get up an hour earlier than your family or mates, this way you win at least 40 minutes of studying in total peace

Plan In Advance

A high score on the written exam is a perfectly worked-through strategy. Once you know when your day X,  start with the proper planning. Set up the daily and weekly goals, which will include topics and rules you need to go through. Don’t plan new or difficult material for the last week, leave this time for revising and give the brains opportunities to digest the information.

Follow the Structure

The tricky part of any written exam is that besides the perfect grammar and spelling, the examiner will evaluate how well the structure is followed. Therefore it is crucial to get acquainted with the structure requirements in the early stages of the proportion and apply it to the writing simples from the very beginning.

Conduct a Quality Assurance

Writing without revision is nothing. Make a rule to check your essay once you finish it, then refresh your brains for 15 minutes and get back to it. Due to the lack of some knowledge, we may not see certain mistakes, but an online spell checker is a good option to determine and eliminate them fast. Give it a try!

Minimum 8 Hours Of Sleep

Now we reveal the secret, but last-minute preparation doesn’t bring any results, besides anxiety. The night before the exam try to relax, make some meditation, or perform some abstract activities. But the golden rule is to go to bed on time and get enough sleep to have a clear mind in the morning.