Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Try Sleep Meditation for a Sound Sleep

Meditation relaxes the mind through a variety of techniques. The practice of meditation goes back thousands of years ago, but it is gaining popularity now as an ongoing trend. 

Researchers around the world are increasingly getting interested in the potential of meditation. Not only is it healthy for the mind and body but it can be beneficial for various aspects of life such as treating insomnia. People, who suffer from chronic insomnia, are advised to practise meditation as it is low risk, affordable and easy to implement. 

Can Meditation Treat Insomnia?

It has been studied that different types of meditation can help treat insomnia and can improve the quality of sleep for a person. However, it must be noted that medical support is also needed in case sleep problems get worse and start affecting your mental and physical health. So it is better to order prescriptions online and get the medical support you need before it gets worse. 

The most interesting thing about meditation is that there is no fixed time for practice. You can do it whenever and however you want as long as you are following the right technique. A good half hour or more of meditation will help reduce stress and achieve a good night sleep. See below for one of the many sleep meditation techniques you can practise.

  1. Allow your legs to rest in a comfortable position, taking them hip-width apart. Place your arms along your sides or put your hands on the belly. 
  2. Start by breathing slowly. Pay close attention to every part of your body involved in breathing such as your stomach going up and down. Also, focus on the air moving in and out of your mouth and nose. This breathing technique will help relax your body and mind. 
  3. Empty your mind. Relax your mind and try to think of nothing. Focus on a point in your mind such as, imagine a candle burning and just keep your thoughts revolve around that candle.
  4. Acknowledge your feelings. Notice if you have feelings or thoughts of self-criticism and negative nature. Just label them as thoughts and move on. There is nothing you need to prove at this point. Just focus on your breathing and relax. 
  5. Shift your attention to the body. If you start having negative or interruptive thoughts, focus your mind on the physical part (the body). Start observing every part of your body. What your body parts are doing at this moment and just appreciate your body.  
  6. Start by observing your lower body. Focus your attention from your toes onto the legs and buttocks, then the back and finally your upper body. Feel every muscle of the part of the body you focus on. This will help in increasing sensations around you. Finally, you will start to feel good. 

This process is mindful meditation and it will bring great improvement in your mental and physical health. Practising it daily will improve the quality of sleep to a great extent.

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