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The Ultimate Guide on How to Trim a Tree

Having a house with a lot of space is what many people want. However, a lot of that space often tends to be tree space. If these trees are near to your actual home, then they can potentially be hazardous to you and your property.

If you have a few trees like that, you need to know how to trim a tree to avoid these dangers. If this is you, here is a guide to stopping a possible emergency, for you or your home, from happening.

Trimming Trees Do’s and Don’t’s 

There are some things you need to know about trimming a tree such as what times of the year are good/bad to prune your trees.

Winter is the time when trees hibernate and therefore are the best times to prune trees without causing damage to them. In spring, you can prune them but do so after the flowering period.

During summer, you should prune late in the season after the growth cycle as there is less leaf coverage, and less food is being sent to the branches by the roots.

Fall is the worst time to prune and is therefore not recommended. It leaves the tree more prone to be infected with fungi because they heal slower from pruning during this season

How to Properly Trim Your Trees

If cutting with hand tools, you want to cut a quarter of an inch above a bud because this will foster new growth. But be sure to cut it at an angle to prevent water damage or infection.

Callouses are formed in places where branches once were. This is good for the tree’s growth as well. This requires three cuts: the first two remove the weight from the branch so it doesn’t snap, and the last one to create the best callous for the tree.

  1. make the first cut a foot and a half from the branch collar on the underside
  2. make the second about an inch away from the first on the topside. Cut carefully until the branch is free
  3. cut the rest of the branch from the collar to create a good callous for the tree

You Can Leave It to the Pros

If you think the process is too hard, you can always just leave it to professionals like the guys at

But this is more crucial when you are working with a larger tree. Over 500 people died due to tree trimming accidents between 2009-2015, so this can be a dangerous job. 

Leave it up to the professionals if the tree is well over ten feet, you will save yourself time and a potential emergency.

How to Trim a Tree

Sometimes trees mess up the ambiance of your home, or maybe they just need help growing properly and strong.

No matter the case, knowing how to trim a tree is important, and knowing when to call in the professionals as well.

So make sure your property is the envy of the neighborhood and get those trees in shape. For other great articles like this one, be sure to visit the rest of our blog.

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