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8 Tips to Make your Move to Queens Pain Free

New York has always been a fascinating state with many opportunities for industries and people from all walks of life, but where New York City tends to be the most notable destination, it is areas such as Queens, NY that are attracting more people than ever before. Currently, Queens maintains a population of just under 2.3 million and growing fast. There are a lot of reasons why people move to this remarkable part of the United States, but there is far more going on in this city than what you may have seen on TV. Here are some things you will want to know about Queens, NY before making your big move. 

Practice Your Tennis Swing

When moving to a famous place like Queens, NY you will have to adapt to the culture. However, the diversity of Queens is one of its most attractive qualities. There are people from all walks of life and virtually every country that call Queens home, but one thing they all have in common is their love for tennis. Almost everyone plays and there are a variety of both indoor and outdoor courts to choose from. Even if you are not currently an avid tennis player, every court offers lessons, so do not worry, you will be an expert before long. 

Embrace the Art Scene

Sophisticated and high-end art galleries are found throughout New York City, but other parts of the state are not so lucky. However, Queens is an exception to that rule. The Queens art scene is more eclectic than sophisticated, so visiting an art gallery in this area is acceptable even if you are in your dressed down attire. The PS 1 Contemporary Art Center and the Queens Museum are among the best art museums in the city and certainly should not be missed. 

Break Out the Mets Jersey

One thing you will notice about various parts of New York is that everyone has their own sports team. In Queens, the team is the Mets, so if you are an avid sports fan, rooting for the Mets will become a normal thing. Even if you are not currently a Mets fan, you might want to fake it, at least out in public as Queens residents are known to stick up for their Mets and praise former players like Jackie Robinson as sports gods. 

You Will Want a Storage Unit

There are certain places in the country that offer vast storage in their rentals and purchased homes, but due to its dense population, Queens is not one of them. In this city, if you are lucky enough to have storage areas in your apartment, they will likely be very small and often located in the basement of your building. They are also not very secure. To account for this common problem, most residents invest in some type of storage units in Queens, NY. These units provide the flexibility to move items in and out of your residents when you need to, whether seasonally or otherwise, and they help your cramped apartment feel a bit more open and clutter free. A storage unit is a true must in Queens, NY. 

A Wealth of Beaches

One of the best attributes of living in Queens is its proximity to the ocean. Beaches in Queens are not as famous as many other places, but they have their perks. Among the most famous beaches in the area is Rockaway Beach with its illustrious coastline and convenient boardwalk ideal for strolling at any time during the day. Another, less crowded beach is known as Jamaica Bay, but this particular beach does not have lifeguards, so if you have little ones, you might want to stick to the lifeguard abundant beaches in Queens. 

Authentic Asian Cuisine

Every city has their own mark on the culinary world and in Queens, it has to be their Asian food. New York has always been a mecca for various cultures and in Queens, the Asian population is among the largest around. Asian born immigrants have brought with them their traditions and amazing food, so naturally, Queens has some of the best Asian food you will find in all of New York. Additionally, Flushing in Queens has Asian markets and many herbal remedy stores to help cure what ails you.

A Mini Hollywood

Queens is home to some of the most influential actors and artists throughout history. Idina Menzel, The Ramones, and Lucy Lui are just a few of the big names that have come from this part of the country. In fact. Astoria located in Queens is known as a mini Hollywood, so you might run into a few famous faces while heading out to the market in this area. 

Get Your Coffee from a Queens Icon

Starbucks is seemingly everywhere, but when in Queens, you will not find locals frequenting a Starbucks. They have their own coffee place and it is the most famous in the city. Martha’s Country Bakery is where residents in Queens get their daily java fix and as it is not a chain establishment, lines can get really long, but locals claim the coffee is well worth the wait. 

Moving to Queens, NY is a change from other parts of the country, but once you have embraced the experience and enjoyed some of the local attractions, it will soon become your home. Queens is a great place to live in New York.