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Is Car Racing More Popular Than Horse Racing

People always loved the thrill and excitement that comes with racing. A bunch of competitors racing down the finish line in order to see which one is fastest. It is one of the oldest competitions in the world that advanced into many shapes and forms.

Nowadays, we have high-tech moto racing and something completely different, which is horse racing.

But which one is more popular?

Well, moto racing or car racing has many different divisions determined by the type of car used for racing. On the other hand, horse racing has different categories, but classic thoroughbred horse racing is the most popular.

So, can the age-old sport of horse racing be more popular than modern-day car racing?

Well, in today’s article, we will take a look at some of the most popular horse racing events and see how much attention they get compared to some of the most popular car racing events in the world.

Which Sport Has More Fans Worldwide?

It is difficult to measure the number of fans of a sport worldwide. Some are casual fans and occasionally watch the sport, while others never miss a race. However, there are some baseline numbers that we can take into account.

So, which is more popular horse racing or car racing?

Well, according to The Plaid Horse, horse racing had 1.45 billion fans in 2020. This takes into account all the people who attended a horse race, watched a race, or bet on a horse race. Now this number is surprisingly big, and it can even rival some of the top sports like soccer.

But how does car racing compare?

Well, there isn’t a certain statistic about car racing fans since there are many different championships. But let’s take the top 5 motorsports in the world and see how many fans they have combined.

Some of the top motorsports in the world are:

  • F1
  • Indycar
  • World Rally Championships
  • World Endurance Championships

F1 is one of the biggest racing sports in the world with a fan base of 1.55 billion recorded in 2021 and has only grown even more since then. NASCAR on the other hand has around 75 million, which to be honest, seems like a stretch. Indicar has more than 80 million fans worldwide, whereas WRC and WEC come with around 7 million combined.

This means that car racing is much more popular than horse racing. Some of you would say that horse racing is also split into categories, which is true, but most of the other races don’t have as many fans as classic thoroughbred racing.

With that said, horse racing still boasts some incredible numbers in terms of fans.

Most Popular Races in Horse Racing Compared to MotoSport

The most popular race in the world of horse racing when it comes to attendance is no other than the Kentucky Derby. In 2015, the Kentucky Derby set a world record for the most-attended horse racing event in modern history accompanying around 170,000 fans. This has never been repeated since.

If we take F1 as the most popular motorsport event in the world, we can see some incredible numbers. F1 has an average attendance of most races around 300,000 fans across the four days of racing which include training, qualifications, and race day.

The attendance record for an F1 race was reached in the Australian Gran Prix in 1995, with 520,000 fans for the race weekend, and the record for the biggest race attendance was set in the United States Gran Prix in 2000, with 250,000 fans only on the race day.

This also proves that car racing is more popular than horse racing, and the events are getting much more attention.

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Why Would Someone Want Horse Racing Over Car Racing?

The strong connection with nature that horse racing gives is one of the most convincing reasons why someone would choose it over vehicle racing. Horse racing occurs in some of the most magnificent outdoor locations, with sweeping green fields and scenic backdrops.

The Thrill of Betting

Horse racing and gambling are inextricably linked. While betting is available in automobile racing, it is not as prevalent as it is in horse racing. After all, horse racing would be incomplete without betting, and when we compare wagering data, we can observe that horse racing has a lot more action than car racing.

Even people who don’t know much about horse racing are doing some research and using a horse betting calculator makes the task easier even for amateurs.

The pleasure of betting on a horse and then watching with bated breath as the race unfolds is hard to beat.

Rich History and Tradition

Horse racing has a long and illustrious history that extends back thousands of years. This feeling of history pervades every race, offering depth and purpose that vehicle racing cannot equal. Horse racing is steeped in history, from the renowned racetracks to the fabled past of legendary horses and jockeys.

Now, even though car racing also shares a lot of history, it is nothing compared to horse racing.

The Social Factor

While both horse racing and automobile racing have their own distinct social scenes, horse racing tends to be more laid-back and pleasant. It’s usual to see families and groups of friends having picnics, dressing up, and generally making a day of it during horse racing events.