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How To Make Your New House A Home

Filling a new home with furniture can be a terrifying prospect!. It’s natural to be anxious when it comes to your own living space – we all want to get it right, straight away.

Start by planning ahead well of time. Think about what you may or may not need. No point in trying to force your current furniture into a space that doesn’t fit – you may need to buy new pieces.

Consider the following points when furnishing your new home:

1. How do you use your living room?

What’s the primary purpose of your living room? Do you use it for relaxing, entertaining or even work? You can create a multi-purpose living space quite easily and stylishly through considered selection and arrangement of your living room furniture.

Create a natural border in a large room with a work desk and office chair, or long high backed sofa. Corner sofas and large potted plants are also fantastic, very natural space dividers.

Keep toys and other kids’ paraphernalia in attractive, multipurpose pieces such as storage ottomans. Or create a living room that doubles as a sleeping space with a comfortable sleeper sofa.

2. Bring a small or awkward shaped living room to life

This is where modular furniture really comes into its own. Modular sets are just so versatile, and so handy.You can configure pieces depending on your space and needs, without compromising on style. You can turn a corner sofa into an armchair or even footrest.

Try to create a “focal point” – this can really transform the look and feel of a smaller space. A focal point can be anything, from a beautiful occasional table to an ornate light fitting or dramatic painting. Focal points create a lovely sense of balance for even the most awkward of spaces.

“Floating” shelves and other space-saving furnishings such as tables and stools that fold flat against the wall also work wonders to reduce clutter.

Strategic use of footstools or ottomans can be vital for a smaller space. Use in place of a traditional coffee table to hold drinks or nibbles for guests, or even as extra seating.

Planning ahead is especially important when you have difficult spaces to arrange.Try and spend some time in these rooms when they are empty to really get a sense of how your furniture needs to work. Free room planners can also be quite useful.

3. Create a warm, homely atmosphere

Think about how to encourage people to truly kick back and relax in your home. A “conversation area” is crucial for creating an atmosphere that really encourages people to chat and socialise. Large coffee tables act as a natural “social anchor” for the space.

Don’t ignore colour. Blue invokes serenity, so use it in bedrooms. Red is invigorating and can be great as an accent colour in living rooms, while yellow is warm and welcoming and works well in kitchens. And don’t forget plants – greenery is wonderful for energising any sort of space.

Last but not least, consider those personal touches and flourishes that make a space “you”. Unique ornaments, artwork, cushions and other accessories all play a vital part in bringing a sense of self to your space, and truly making your new house into your home.