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What Every New Pool Owner Must Know About Pool Filters

So you have decided to go all out and install a pool in your home or maybe you have just purchased a home which has a pool. Either way, there is nothing more fabulous than being able to enjoy the sunshine in your own garden with the added bonus of being able to cool off in your very own pool. You can have your family and friends join you for a summer afternoon and make quite a day of it. A pool can be so much fun but like every piece of equipment, they require maintenance. The obvious regular maintenance that will be required is the cleaning. This is done by removing debris from the water and adding chemicals to keep the water clean and free of bacteria, some choose to undertake this task themselves whereas others choose to have a weekly or so visit from a pool cleaner.

Pools have filters and the pump and the filter system are responsible for continuing to keep your pool fresh, clean and healthy. For the new pool owner, what is there to know about pool filters?

Pool filters come in 3 main types. You have the sand filter, the DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filter and Cartridge filter. Your pool will more than likely have one of the filters in operation.

Sand Filter

A sand filter requires very little maintenance. It uses sand particles to trap dirt and debris from your pool. When the pressure gauge reaches a certain point, you have to clean the filter by a process known as back washing. That simply means that you have to allow water to flow through the filter in the opposite direction in order to clean out some of the trapped debris. Sand Filters can last for up to 7 years but can last only for 2 years. It depends on the work that you are requiring from them. Read more reviews about Sand Filters through Top Ten Water.

Cartridge Filter

This type of filter is popular for smaller pools and above ground pools. The filter is removed from the cartridge and cleaned using a garden hose. Cartridge filters can last for around 5 years or as little as 2 years depending on the work that you are requiring it to do. If it is collecting a lot of large debris or it is smaller than it should be, it will last for a shorter time. There is very little maintenance associated with this type of filter.

DE Filter

Your pool is filtered using the fossilized remains of diatoms. The powder allows the water to pass through but prevents other particles, trapping them in their midst. DE grids have to be cleaned by backwashing as described above and the grids should be checked regularly for damage. You will have to top up the powder.

It is important that you have the correct size filter for your requirements in order that it lasts for the greatest amount of time. Water quality is important and every new pool owner should become familiar with their particular filtration system and maintain according to the manufacturer’s instructions.