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7 Best Gift Ideas for Disney Lovers

It is not possible to find the one who is not a Disney fan. Who doesn’t love Mickey mouse? You would not hear a no from any child and even from an adult. This warner brother creation has been loved by the world for ages. Being a child, we always used to stock up the things inspired by our favourite cartoon character. But we somehow lose that touch while growing up. But nothing to worry about now as you can even cherish those moments with your favourite cartoon character again. There are many things available by Disney which you can either get for yourself or gift someone. Here is the list of a few Disney items which you can gift to your adult friends to remind them of their childhood. You can buy these Disney gifts online.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown Calendar

If you have been to Disney World during Halloween then you would have an idea about how amazing the time it is. If you wish to keep that memory of the Halloween party or let your friends remember the last Halloween party that you had been to then you can certainly consider gifting the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown calendar. If October 31st is your favourite date or your friend loves the time of Halloween then you can not afford to miss this exclusive countdown calendar by Disney. This calendar is available at most of the online shopping portals. You can also refer to the shopping website of Disney for the same.

Diamond Studded Disney Watch

Diamonds are known to be girl’s best friends. But what if you remind your friend about her favourite Disney character also along with the diamonds? Disney gives you a chance to gift a special diamond-studded watch inspired by your favourite cartoon character. This diamond-studded subtle watch is the perfect pick to wear at work as well as it gives a professional look. It comes with the black dial which is set by diamond hour markers and the date. Here you would not need to change the batteries as it is powered by the light itself. You would get this in the silver and rose gold variant. For the rose gold variant, you would have to spend a few additional bucks. Apart from this watch, you can even consider getting the perfect pair of sparkling diamond earrings for your girlfriend which is available in Minnie mouse head shape. These beautiful earrings are available in rose gold variant and can be easily available on the Shop Disney website.

Google Home Mickey Mouse stand for the playroom

If you are a music lover then Disney and google have got something for you as well. A google mini home speaker mount is available in the 3D version of the Mickey mouse head. This classic piece of gadget is available at $19.95 and can be easily available at most online shopping websites.

Minnie Mouse shaped floral purse

Here comes another for you or your girlfriend. Girls cannot have enough handbags and they will surely love to add the one by Disney. Disney has collaborated with a brand Coach to create cute handbags. You would find tonnes of designs here including the floral one with the Minnie mouse head shape. These leather bags are available on shop Disney website and the price range starts with $337.                                                                                       

Disney Backpack

If you love the frequent visits to Disney world or your friend does then getting the Disney backpack would be the best pick for you. You may require to carry many things along with you while roaming in Disney world especially if you have children with you. These Disney backpacks come with ample storage where you can store snacks and drinks. Along with this you can even keep the other essentials in it and carry them along with you.

Mickey Mouse T-shirt

If you are a fan of Andy Warhol’s iconic Mickey Mouse creation then you would love this t-shirt which Disney has launched recently. This is a simple t-shirt that is available at Uniqlo and priced at $5.90

Set of Holiday Pajamas

Enjoying your family holiday with your favourite Mickey mouse holiday Pajamas can add a little punch. You can get a set of matching Pajamas for your family. These are available easily at all the leading shopping websites and start at $12.74.