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CBD Topical Treatments That Are Great for Your Skin

Most people know that many health benefits come with the use of CBD. CBD has many medical and therapeutic uses. One way you can benefit from it is by using CBD topical products. These products can be used to help relieve pain, improve your skin’s health, and aid in relaxation. 

Experience The Many Benefits of CBD

There is an easy way for you to experience many of the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD. Several topical products are easy to use and can easily be worked into your existing daily routines These are just a few products that you should check out…

  • Apothcanna – Calming Mind Body Creme

This company’s website describes this product as a “calming creme for soothing skin inflammation”. It contains:

  • Lavender Oil

Helps to relax your whole body and aids in sleep.

  • Chamomile Oil

Soothes irritated skin and relieves stress

  • Frankincense Oil

Lowers anxiety and is a natural sedative

  • Hemp Oil

Has anti-inflammatory properties and aids in relaxation 

  • Aspen Green – Muscle Relief Cooling Cream

This product is great at relieving sore and stiff muscles. The menthol contained in this cream produces a cooling effect that helps to give extra relief. This product also contains a small amount of THC. Other ingredients include…

  • Evening Primrose

A natural pain reliever that is great for arthritis.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Great at reducing inflammation and soothing irritation on the skin.

  • Arnica

Anti-inflammatory that helps to prevent bruising. 

  • Jojoba Oil

Helps to lock in moisture, anti-inflammatory properties, and soothes skin. 

  • Apothcanna – Extra Strength CBD Topical Body

This extra strength pain reliever can help to relieve even the most intense body ache. It provides a calming and cooling sensation as soon as it is applied for instant relief. It contains…

  • Arnica

Great and preventing and aiding in the healing of bruises. 

  • Peppermint

Helps to relieve inflammation and soothe irritated skin 

  • Juniper

Eliminates swelling and relieves nerve pain

  • Hemp

Is anti-inflammatory and helps to reduced stress

  • Apothcanna – Circulating Leg & Foot Creme

This product is described on the Apothcanna website as a “moisturizing body cream fortified with all-natural plant extracts that promote blood flow while reducing inflammation.”. This topical cream helps to improve circulation and helps to reduce water from causing swelling in the legs and feet. It contains…

  • Ginger

Great at jumpstarting blood flow and improving circulation.

  • Capsaicin

Warming sensation and help relieve inflammation.

  • Grapefruit Extract

Helps to control and decrease water retention.

  • Cannabis Oil 

Pain reliever and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Medterra – CBD + Manuka Honey Cream

This product would be a great addition to anyone’s skincare regimen. It is specially formulated with honey and CBD to give excellent results and improve the overall health of your skin. The unique formula includes…

  • Aloe

Extremely moisturizing and soothing.

  • Carrot

Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that help to keep skin plump.

  • Sunflower Seed Oil 

Fight acne and soothes skin.

  • Beeswax 

Helps to create a barrier to hold in moisture.

  • Manuka Honey 12+ (New Zealand)

Anti-bacterial and helps to promote healing. 

  • Jojoba Seed Oil

Helps to clear up eczema and other chronic skin conditions.

  • Mango Seed Butter

Loaded with collagen which helps to fight the signs of aging.

  • CBD

Aids in relaxation and increase potency of other ingredients. 

Time For You To Add CBD to Your Daily Routines

Now that you know how easy it is to use CBD and integrate it into your daily routines, what are you waiting for? Order some topical CBD products today so that you can start reaping all the benefits of CBD as soon as possible. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so start shopping today.