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5 Things To Look For In A High-Quality Glass Bubbler

Smoking cannabis has become a part of many lives all over the world. The herb is in demand for its unique attributes that help in lifting one’s mood as well as improve certain medical conditions. For those who are looking for a great smoking experience, a glass bubbler offers a healthier alternative as compared to some other devices. Unlike pipes, a bubbler cools down the smoke as you inhale it and reduces the smoke effect on your body. If you like to smoke dabs, it is a good idea to consider buying yourself a high-quality bubbler. Here are five things you need to look for in a high-quality bubbler. 

1. Types of Bubbler

A bubbler has a simple design and has three parts like a bowl, water chamber, and a stem with an opening on one end.  It comes in six types which are as follows. 

  • Hammer –  The hammer-style bubbler rests on a flat surface and comes with rolling around. 
  • Sherlock – It is named Sherlock because the bubbler looks like a Sherlock pipe. The design resembles a hammer, and the only difference is the stem, which is curved in an “S” shape. 
  • Sidecar – The sidecar bubbler comes with a stem and a mouthpiece attached to the side of the water chamber. In a hammer bubbler, the stem comes straight out of the water chamber. The sidecar has a different design to overcome a common problem of water splash-back that can happen with other bubblers. 
  • Pendant– This smoking device is smaller in size, and the bubbler is designed with a hole to put a string and wear it around the neck. 
  • Concentrate – The concentrate bubbler is specially designed for smoking essential oils and concentrates instead of dry herbs. It is under 17cm tall and compact but packs a punch with dual diffusers. When dabbed, the hash oil vapor flows down to the shower diffuser in the water chamber. The vapor then rises to the second keg diffuser before entering a large smoke chamber. The user inhales the vapor via the intake tube attached to the side. 
  • Double bubblers – As the name indicates, these bubblers have two percolators instead of one. The twin percolator filters the smoke twice, which delivers an extra clean, smooth flavor. 

2. Glass Type

A quality glass bubbler is not made of regular glass used to make windows or drinking glasses. They are generally made of scientific lab-quality glass, often known as borosilicate. It is engineered to withstand various chemical substances and high temperatures without affecting the surface or the quality of the glass. 

When shopping for high-quality bubblers, you need to look for terms like “scientific glass,” “lab-quality glass,” or “borosilicate glass.” If the product description does not mention any of these terms, you can conclude that the bubbler is made of a different type of glass and might not be safe for smoking. 

3. Color

Bubblers come in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns. The aesthetic appeal of the smoking device is as important as its functionality for the user. When buying smoking devices, smokers want something easy to use, clean, and portable that looks like an artistic masterpiece on a shelf (when not in use). Hence, if these factors matter to you, pay attention to the various color and design factors of a bubbler before buying. There are a variety of quality glass bubblers available online from some of the best brands in the industry. 

4. Method of Production

The looks of the bubbler greatly depend on the method of production. Mass-produced bubblers are more likely to have simple looks. If you want a bubbler with artisanal quality, you need to look for hand-blown bubblers. One of the reasons to go for hand-blown bubblers is they generally come with a classic bowl which can be changed to oil rigs. Hence, you can use hand-blown bubblers for oil concentrates as well as dry herbs. 

5. Brand

Generic or lesser-known brands are bound to cost less. Bubblers of certain brands are expensive for a reason. The top bubbler brands have top-notch craftsmanship that will surely impress. The brand is also committed to offering smokers the latest smoking trends and combines innovation and technology with greater attention to detail. Bubblers from reputed brands are an excellent combination of aesthetics and performance. When shopping for a bubbler, be sure to invest in a trusted brand. This will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

To sum up, these are things you need to look at when buying a high-quality bubbler. 

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