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101 Garage Door Repairs – A Complete Guide

Garage door is a large door on a garage that opens either manually or automatically by the help of electric motor. Garages are usually used for accommodating cars thus the door for garages are large in size made up of wood, metal or fiber glass.

Usually small garage doors are made up of small single plate of the material. While as it’s not possible to make garage doors for a larger garage. For larger garages, doors are made out of joining together small plates which roll up on tracks on the ceiling or roll into doorways. The weight of the door is approximately 180 to 200 kg’s and is balance either by torsion spring or pair of extended spring. A motorized mechanism added to the door makes it more comfortable safe and secure.

History: The history of use of garage doors date back to 650 B.C. evidence has been found in the ancient literature regarding the use of garage doors.

Types of Garage Doors

1. Single panel door: The single panel door are made up of single plate of the material which is fixed with the panel of the garage by metal hinges which are embedded in the both sides of the side panels of the garage walls. The door moves back and forth. The disadvantage of this door is that the vehicle has to be parked few feet away from the door to open and close.

2. Multi panel door: The multi panel doors for the garage are made up of 6 to 8 panels of which rolls up overhead and are hinged by torsion springs or by pair of extended springs. This door has advantage over the single panel door that the vehicles can be parked close to the door before opening it. The material used in making of the doors are steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, Copper, glass, vinyl etc. Materials used in garage doors

1. Wooden garage doors: Wooden doors are very expensive and high maintenance costs are needed to repair it. Wooden doors are easily broken and are not weather resistant.

2. Aluminum doors: Aluminum doors are very low cost, light to handle, rust proof and low maintenance doors. These get dents easily as aluminum is not strong material. Garage doors made up of fiberglass or vinyl can be stronger and resistant same like steel. These look like wood but are more costly than steel.

3. Steel made garage doors: Steel doors are more commonly used in varying sizes and shapes and are more cost effective than any other material and are rust proof that helps in long lasting time. These can be easily formed into new latest designs and forms and are easily to install. Steel doors have low maintenance costs and are the best option to avail.

Maintenance of Garage Doors

Maintenance of the doors requires periodic checking of the working of the doors and repairs of any damages. Garage door repairs Brisbane has been in the business of repairing and maintaining the garage doors and has gained fame in delivering the services to its clients.

Safety Measures

The following of safety procedure is important in handling the garage doors as it can result in injury or even death at times of mishandling or uncontrolled usages. Sometimes due to the technical faults the door does not work properly and one not having proper knowledge of repairing it tries to fiddle with it as it can result in serious injuries.