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How Can You Use Instagram To Bloom Your Business

Launched in 2010, Instagram is currently a leading SMM app. With the help of this app, you can reach 1 billion monthly active users without any paid advertisements. 

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a powerful way of directly speaking with your audience and raising your brand awareness. Even some brand advocates get attracted to you by SMM. It helps you improve your key audience and your sales. But promoting yourself through SMM might be tricky cause it requires a proper management plan. Without a plan, you might get lost. It is an alternative to sailing without a map. Which is pretty dangerous. That is why you need to learn more

Before you start you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your goal?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What message are you delivering?

Here I’m presenting you with 5 basic tips that can help you bloom your business on Instagram. 

Bio and Bio Links

Write a bio that will create anticipation among the audience. Moreover, clickable links in your bio section leading the audience to your website create a big difference. Many people out there use these links to captivate the audience.

And don’t forget to update your Bio section often, which most people don’t do. 

Themed Instagram

Be innovative and create a theme for your Instagram that matches the colors of your products or maybe a type of theme that resembles your business. It makes your account stand out more as compared to others.

It makes your account eye-catching and appealing. A lot of people out there doing business using this technique.

Stories and videos

Instagram stories like snapchat stories disappear after 24 hours but still, they are quite helpful. Since there are various filters and text options so you can edit your picture or video on the spot and make it look trendy.

According to a survey, 500 million people upload Instagram stories on daily basis.  Another aspect of Instagram stories is that they are displayed on your profile and you can tag others on them.

Now, who do you tag is what matters. Try to follow like-minded people and tag them. This will create an influence. And since you both will be like-minded they will for sure follow you back.                          

Instagram also allows you to upload 1minute long videos. You can use this option to make a fascinating video that can engage the users.


Hashtags can act as a game-changer. It has been studied that using 11 or more hashtags increases engagement by 11%. Interesting right!

So, search your topic, select some hashtags, and get started!

Behind the Scenes

People today are quite interested in behind the scene videos and images, so post them on regular basis to keep your audience engaged.

And try to engage with the audience through comments and miscellaneous activities like contests and free giveaways. Most important of all try to keep track of your success. And you’ll see how IG helps you in business.