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Bathroom Cleaning: Seeing Into the Facts and Busting the Myths

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of our home. Every housewife knows that this room requires appropriate and regular maintenance. We buy a huge amount of expensive plumbing, in the hope that it will last us for many years, all kinds of household chemicals that will help us easily remove blockages and keep bathroom equipment clean.

However, we often fall for marketing ploys that make us buy expensive bathroom fixtures and cleaning products. When the first chip appears on the bathtub, we begin to think that this is the end of the world and now all that remains is to buy a new one. However, not many people know that this situation is easy to fix. You can call in a home bathtub repair specialist to make your bathroom look new, regardless of the cause of the damage.

Thus, we do not know much or are mistaken about many things. That is why in this article we invite you to sort out the facts, as well as debunk the myths regarding the bathroom. 

FACT #1 Popular cleaning products can damage the surface of bathroom fixtures

The bathtub, toilet, and sink are the places where dirty stains most often appear and are difficult to clean. Our bathroom cabinets hold a wealth of cleaning products that help whiten surfaces, remove clogs, clean mold, and more.

However, while trying to make our bathroom spotlessly clean, we do not think about the fact that many cleaning products are simply unusable. They can damage faucets, destroy the surface of the shower or toilet, both inside and out. 

This is because we blindly trust the manufacturers of cleaning products, who assure us that after one use we will see how the bathroom shines and sparkles. In this regard, we do not pay attention to the composition of cleaning products, which may contain potentially hazardous substances.

That is why every person should know that before using the product, it is necessary to test its effectiveness on a small area of ​​the surface of the sink, toilet, or shower.

Moreover, pay attention to the fact that if your bathroom has chrome surfaces on which there are some scratches, then, in this case, you should not use products containing materials that will scratch the surface during cleaning.

Also pay attention that the composition does not contain various acids, alcohol, bleach, and chlorine compounds, which can discolor surfaces.

FACT #2 Regular use of the Anti-calc system is essential to prevent the build-up of scale

One of the most common problems that appear in the bathroom is the formation of scale on faucets. Many people use a huge variety of remedies to get rid of this. However, sometimes they are ineffective. They can eliminate plaque for a few days, and then we will see how plaque appears on bathroom fixtures.

In this regard, the most effective means is the Anti-calc system. It must be used regularly to prevent the formation of plaque.

MYTH #3 A dripping shower head needs to be replaced with a new one

After taking a shower, we often notice water dripping from the showerhead. Based on this, we conclude that it is broken and needs to be replaced. However, this is far from the truth. If a large shower head is installed in the shower cabin, then the process of draining the water can take up to an hour. This is a normal phenomenon, which is associated with the design of the showerhead and the forces of gravity. 

Therefore, the next time you hear the sound of drops falling from the showerhead, do not rush to get upset and give it some time to stop.

MYTH #4 When a pipe is clogged, you need to use cleaning products

We are not suggesting that you stop using cleaning products altogether. However, every homeowner must know when the appropriate time to use them is.

Cleaning products are great if there is a micro blockage in the pipe, as well as for preventive purposes. If you observe a complete blockage of the pipe, then you simply spend money on buying cleaning products that will be ineffective in this case.

In such a situation, it is necessary to use special devices and equipment to eliminate blockages. Use a plunger, or special springs to help fix the problem.

MYTH #5 You need to replace your shower hose every few years

Such a decision will be relevant only for those who choose a low-quality shower hose. A few years after using equipment made from poor materials, you will see how your shower hose can crack and start to leak.

However, you can avoid this by choosing proven shower hoses that can last more than 10 years. Choose hoses made of steel with a double braid. Such shower hoses will be reliable and durable.


In advertisements, we can see bathroom products and fittings that are supposed to be durable and highly efficient. However, this is just marketing. If you want your bathroom fixtures to last for years, you need to know the facts and stop believing in common misconceptions.