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A Guide to Buying Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity is a fixture within a bathroom that often combines a sink, mirror and storage space, helping to improve the functionality and convenience of a bathroom while also contributing to its aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re about to build a new bathroom from scratch or you’re updating an existing bathroom, choosing the right bathroom vanity is key to a stylish and functional bathroom. This article aims to provide a brief guide to help you get started with buying bathroom vanities.

Set Your Budget

Before you start visiting stores and looking at available styles, it’s important to set your available budget for your bathroom vanity. After all, there’s no point falling in falling in love with the perfect option if you can’t afford it. Consider your total budget for your bathroom, and allocate a portion of it that you’re willing to spend on a vanity.

Choose a Trusted Supplier

One of the most important steps to take is choosing a trusted supplier of bathroom vanities to purchase from. Not only will a trusted supplier stock a huge range of different vanities to choose from, but they’ll also likely offer competitive prices that can save you money. Look for a supplier that has been in business for at least a few years, as this will be a good indication of decent product quality and excellent customer service. You might also like to choose a supplier with a physical showroom where you can go and view their products in person before you buy. A good place to start with choosing the right supplier is to conduct an online search, allowing you to read reviews from past customers.

Decide on a Style

The final step of buying a bathroom vanity is to decide on a style. Bathroom vanities are available in a range of different styles to suit your preferences and requirements. Three of the most popular styles include mirror vanities, freestanding vanities and wall mount vanities, which are briefly detailed below.

Mirror Vanities

A mirror vanity is simply any vanity that has a mirror attached. Mirror vanities are a convenient choice, as they save you from having to purchase a mirror separately. They also often come with storage in the way of drawers or shelves. Some mirror vanities can even be set into the wall for a flush appearance, which is a popular choice for modern homes.

Freestanding Vanities

As the name suggests, freestanding vanities are freestanding, which means they stand upon the floor and can be more easily moved and repositioned. Freestanding vanities are available in many designs and are a suitable choice for larger bathrooms, although smaller options are also available to suit smaller bathrooms.

Wall Mounted Vanities

Wall mounted vanities are vanities that are mounted to the wall. These are an excellent choice for bathrooms that are on the small side, as they don’t take up as much room and allow for more floor space.

Many people opt for wall mounted vanities for their stylish appearance and the sense of spaciousness they create.