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Everything You Need to Know about Glass Bubbler Pipes

To some extent, smoking weed has become an art these days.  Since it’s legal in so many states now here in the US, and it’s totally legalized in places like Canada, a lot more people have gotten the opportunity to start expressing themselves with the types of bongs and pipes that they use to smoke it. 

Of course, this also means that the companies who manufacture them can start to create some more unique and experimental designs.  If you’re not sure where it’s legal and where it isn’t, you might want to check out a resource like this:  Since it’s becoming much more widespread, there’s more demand in the market in general.

That’s where something like glass bubbler pipes comes into play.  While they’re not the most recent invention, they are something that many more people are gravitating towards now that they have the freedom to.  If you’re looking to explore some of the ways that you can smoke weed more comfortably, then stick around!

What are Bubbler Pipes?

If you’re familiar with bongs and pipes, then you sort of already have an idea of what to expect from a bubbler pipe.  Think of them as a hybrid of sorts between the two!  There’s a rush and a bowl, and you add water into it similarly to how you would a traditional bong.

They look fairly similar to bongs as well, which likely adds to their overall appeal.  What’s the major difference, then?  A lot of it comes down to taste and less coughing or smoke in the mouth.

Besides that, though, their size is also quite appealing.  The thing is, they’re easier to hide or conceal if that’s something that you’re concerned about.  Admittedly, even where marijuana is legalized, most of us do prefer to be discreet at least to some extent.  

Shifting focus back to taste and the like, you can take big hits with one of these and not have the unpleasant aftertaste or coughing.  Basically, they’re just going to give you a cleaner feeling smoking experience.  That’s because the water inside ends up acting like a filter of sorts.

How to Use Them

Some beginners (and even veterans) might be a little bit intimidated the first time that they look at glass bubblers, but really, they’re pretty simple to use.  Perhaps the hardest part involved is just sorting out how much water you’ll need to put in.  While this can be tricky with the ones that aren’t see through, it’s not so bad if you have a glass one.

Basically, you’ll want to look into the pipe.  Find the down stem and fill the pipe with water until it’s just barely covering that.  That’s where you’ll want to fill it each time.  

Now, you can tell if you’ve put too much water in if you feel it hit your mouth when you go to take a hit.  That’s not what’s supposed to happen.  Instead, listen for a bubbling sound – if you hear that and you’re not feeling water on your lips, then you’re golden!

From there, it’s time to figure out what type of weed you want to smoke.  There are a lot of different strains out there, of course.  No matter what type you opt for, though, there are a few tips to know that can help you get a better smoking experience.  

You’ll want to get a grinder of some sort – most of the time, you can find them at the same retailers that you buy the pipe from.  This will allow you to grind up the buds before you smoke them rather than just tossing them in whole.  When you’re ready, go ahead and put the ground up marijuana into the bowl and start smoking!

Are They Worth it?

If you’ve already got a bong, then you might be wondering to yourself if getting another type of pipe will really be worth your while.  The question is a fair one to ask, but there are plenty of reasons why trying different options can be beneficial.  Especially for novice or beginner smokers, while they might seem intimidating, expanding your boundaries is critical.

For one thing, finding one specific pipe that you enjoy the sensation of and the hits from can help you out when you’re deciding on what strain that you like best.  As you can read about in this article, the different strains really can give quite different tastes and flavors.  However, if you’re not consistently using one type of pipe or bong, the results you get won’t be entirely accurate perse.

When you do use one type such as a glass bubbler, you’ll always know that the pipe isn’t the problem if you don’t end up liking a particular strain of bud.  Then, you can avoid any that didn’t really tickle your fancy!  It might sound strange, but it can help you save some cash in the long run.

Smoking marijuana is often about having a good time and relaxing.  Even for medical marijuana, it’s prescribed to help reduce stress levels and pain.  So, if you’re not enjoying the experience, it may be time to change things up a little bit.

Trying a new style of pipe or bong can really help out in that department, particularly if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut.  Obviously, it’s not the only option available, but when we treat ourselves, it does tend to inevitably bring some cheer.  

Just remember that you’re never stuck with only using one type of pipe or bong to smoke marijuana.  If you wake up and decide that you want to try a bubbler instead of the one that you’ve been using for a while, you can absolutely do that!  There are a ton of retailers that offer a whole bunch of different options to explore.

Hopefully, more states legalize marijuana soon.  The recreational and medical benefits alone justify it, really.  Wherever you are, though, it might be time to consider switching up your smoking routine!