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Finding the Best Place to Vacation Near Snow

Vacations should be relaxing and fun. With proper planning, a family vacation spent in the snowy mountains can be a fun time spent with family and friends. Snowy mountains, like Snowshoe, offer various activities for visitors to enjoy. From snowmobiling to hiking and skiing to snowshoeing, there will always be something to keep visitors entertained on their vacations.

When looking for the next big family vacation spot, picking the best locale is vital. West Virginia offers a comfortable atmosphere and beautiful scenery for visitors to enjoy while vacationing there. Choosing the right place to vacation doesn’t have to be a hassle. With numerous places to stay in Snowshoe, there’s always a little bit of everything for vacationers to enjoy.

Where in Virginia is Snowshoe?

Just west of Shenandoah National Park lies Snowshoe Mountain. Snowshoe makes it to the top of many winter vacation spots that are both easy to reach and fun to visit. With various activities for children and adults alike, there will be plenty of excitement to keep visitors busy during their stay at one of the most popular winter destinations in the U.S.

The hardest part of the vacation will be reaching the Snowshoe Mountains, as they are mountains and require a bit of a trip to get there. Always pre-plan the trip’s route to ensure GPS and cell blackouts won’t be an issue. Weather is another vital factor to consider when planning any trip.

While Snowshoe is a relatively easy trip to make from Virginia or North Carolina by car, there is a local airport that offers non-stop flights from Chicago and Washington DC.

Why Choose Snowshoeing as an Activity?

Snowshoeing has become popular vacation activity at snowy vacation resorts in recent years. Snowshoeing is inexpensive, making it fun for the entire family. Skiing and snowboarding prices can often give vacationers a pause when deciding what activity to enjoy. Affordably priced, snowshoeing requires only snowshoes, proper attire, and poles for stability.

Average snowshoeing gear needed includes:

  • Under Layer. Consists of basic clothing, with a zip-up front to allow venting in case of heat.
  • Mid Layer. A secondary layer of clothing using soft-shell jackets and pants adding layers of warmth.
  • Outer Layer. Waterproof, breathable shell jackets work great to keep the wearer dry and warm.
  • Extras. Additional accessories like gloves, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, gaiters, and emergency supplies are also suggested.

Snowshoeing is one of the few outdoor winter activities that are beginner friendly. Vacationers need to get some snowshoe practice before trying to venture off past the beginner trails. This practice will include moving forward and backward, getting back up after falling, and traversing up slopes without difficulty. Vacationers will also learn how to avoid and prepare for the chance of avalanches. Snowshoe offers various tours and classes that help vacationers learn these concepts before snowshoeing.

Another added benefit to snowshoeing will be the exercise gained. Snowshoeing is a low-impact aerobic exercise, giving vacationers a fun activity that helps them stay healthy. Vacationers will notice an extension in their hiking and running seasons after enjoying a fun snowshoeing vacation. The quiet solitude vacationers experience while snowshoeing in nature can also help them with mental rejuvenation.

Choose the Cool Vacation Spot for Snowshoeing

Whether you’re going with family or friends, choosing to go on a mountain vacation can be relaxing and rewarding. The open scenery and nature will do wonders to revitalize you while enjoying various snow-related activities in the area. Take the time to enjoy yourself on vacation by visiting Snowshoe and partaking in the numerous locations and activities in the area for your next vacation.