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What You Need to Do to Have a Career in React JS

React is a Javascript library that is used to build user interfaces. Launched over 7 years ago, this open-source library builds single-page applications and focuses on reusable UI. It is extremely easy to use and in major demand in the IT industry today. If you’re looking to venture out in this particular field of Web Development, this guide is for you. Read on to know how to have a fulfilling career in React Javascript.

Get Acquainted

First things first, you should familiarise yourself with what exactly React.js is. There are a plethora of books available that explain the intricacies of this particular web framework in easy language. Learning React: Functional Web Development with React and Redux, The Road to cLearn React: Your Journey to Master Plain Yet Pragmatic React. Js, and Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications Using React and Redux to name a few.

You can also check out tutorials and learning videos, whatever suits you best. Know that it is something you can absolutely do in your free time. Once you’ve garnered the needed knowledge, it’s time to dabble into the field of web development.

Begin Smart

React is a program meant for beginners. Anyone can get into it with a bit of learning. Having said that, having some knowledge beforehand is only going to help you in the long run. React.js is a front-end library that runs in a browser. Like most of its contemporaries, it runs with backends like PHP and Rails. So, you need to be well-versed with those, to begin with.

It is advisable that you have intermediate experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript before you dive into React. Having a bit of know-how about competitor programs will help you distinguish it from them and learn better, although you may avoid that part if you want to.
PRO TIP: Following the social media and the blog of React.js will help you be up-to-date with the new developments regarding it. We highly recommend it.


If you’re already working in the field of backend or frontend, the basic knowledge of the React program is probably enough to get you started with a career in React.js. If not, there are all sorts of courses that will get you acquainted with it.

React Js Online course offers an opportunity to learn the React.js program at a pace you are comfortable with and to a level as high or low as you desire. So many people opt for these courses with the aim of bettering themselves at their craft or learning a new skill. These courses also make for great use of time, especially when you are home. You can even keep them as a part-time activity so as to not interfere with your schedule.

There are free courses available that help you learn the program without asking for further commitment. We highly recommend you begin with these if you are unsure of your future with React.

Then there are paid courses that offer in-depth knowledge of the system. They aim to prepare you for a job as a React.js developer and are highly useful in that regard. These are the real deal and should not be treated as a pass time or a temporary prospect. You are paying money to learn a skill; we advise that you give it your undivided attention and make the most of it.

There are crash courses also available to learn React.js, but they come with their own set of imperils so choose them at your own risk.

The Scope

When it comes to the scope of React.js, it is one of the most important frontend libraries being used today. Platforms like Facebook, Netflix, and PayPal use it extensively as it gives user interfaces that are highly engageable and responsive. This, in turn, gives a fast, mobile-app like user experience.

To state the facts, we know of 1,485,695 live websites using React, making it the most in-demand framework being used today. A career in this field will only bring you lucrative prospects. Even an entry-level developer can garner a handsome salary and it will only increase as your experience does.

Areas Of Focus

Below is a list of a few reasons why companies require the React.js framework. These are the areas you should focus on to climb the ladder of success.

  1. App Development Speed – React.js accepts HTML code input. This greatly aids the development speed of new apps. You can try JSX if you want, it may prove to be beneficial.
  2. Code Stability – This is of monumental importance in coding. There are always going to be changes made to the original code as part of the update process every app goes through. React.js reduces the impact the code changes cause, hence facilitating software testing and stable app performance through a myriad of updates.
  3. SEO – Search engines aren’t exactly great at processing JS pages. This is where React comes in, it helps you view code as a regular web page in your browser. It achieves that by using a virtual DOM and bypassing the browser’s inability to convert the page.
  4. Community – Since the framework is used on such a large scale, it has garnered itself a huge community. It constantly offers a wide array of tools and designs for its users along with continuous updates to help keep everyone up to speed.

What’s more, is the plethora of user-generated content. You can always find helpful tutorials, tips, and case studies to better yourself.  You can also contribute to the community that will certainly enhance your resume.

React is a large community that is only expected to grow with time. Now is the best time to invest in it.