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The Cultural Significance and Traditional Value of Jewish Wine Fountain

In Jewish culture, Jewish people celebrate the ritual of Shabbat with joy every Friday. The purpose of celebrating Shabbat is to appreciate the hard work and the existence of lives on this earth. There is a belief in Jewish culture that God took six days to create this universe without taking rest. As God did not take rest until the completion of his work, this story inspires Jewish people to work hard. Therefore, Shabbat eve is an opportunity for Jewish people to celebrate their hard work of the week. This celebration also reminds Jewish people to remain thankful to God for the existence of human life and the universe. 

Therefore, the Shabbat ritual is very much significant in Jewish culture. This day is also an opportunity for Jewish people to enjoy food and drinks with family and friends. For this reason, Jewish people heartily wait for this day to meet close relatives and beloved friends.

Kiddush Recitation and Wine Fountain:

The ritual of Kiddush recitation is the most important ritual of the Shabbat eve. The sanctification of food and drinks occurs during the recitation. Over the sterling silver kiddush wine fountain, a family’s elder person recites the prayer or Kiddush. Jewish people usually pour the fountain with wine or grape juice. Jewish culture states that everyone in the prayer should taste at least a sip of the beverage. Therefore, when the recitation gets completed, the beverage is served to everyone from the wine fountain. In order to serve the beverage among all, Jewish people also use the Kiddush cups. In general, in a Jewish family, every member has a unique Kiddush cup to drink the beverage.

As there is a substantial connection between the wine fountain and the Kiddush recitation, this wine fountain is often called the Kiddush wine fountain. Without this wine fountain, the Kiddush recitation and the ritual of Shabbat will not be complete.

Design of the Kiddush Wine Fountain:

Considering the significance and usages of the Kiddush wine fountain in Jewish tradition, manufacturers prepare different types of wine fountains that reflect the elegance of Jewish culture. Most Kiddush wine fountains consist of silver materials due to their excellent durability, corrosion-free, and other crucial properties. The use of silver material is very common in Jewish culture. Manufacturers also focus on the artistic value of the wine fountain and therefore, wine fountains are available with different types of exterior designs. However, before purchasing a wine fountain, you should consider how easily you can clean the fountain.


If you decide to purchase a wine fountain, the best place for you is the online stores. Online stores allow you to choose a wine fountain of your choice from unlimited stocks. You can also easily order a wine fountain without going to the market physically. Online stores not only save your time but also give you the opportunity to compare the materials and price of the wine fountain with different stores. You can check out different designs of the Kiddush wine fountain using your computer and by visiting the online stores. Therefore, you must always go for the online purchasing of the wine fountain. 

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