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Tips for Growing Flowers in Summers

Summers are the best season for growing flowers, in winters you must be missing your bright flowers, but summers is the time when you can try all these flower and plant growing activities.

In this article we will discuss some basic tips which can be followed in summers. Your garden can be the most beautiful spot of your house, if you put in a little more effort.

There are a lot more tips and several more ideas and each of them varies according to the plant species here I will only talk about mid-summer.

Here are these wonderful tips, which can change the look of your summer garden, because each one of us love to have the best colors in our garden.

Choosing type

You have to be very picky here, because you can not have all the flowers. Each flower kind has got a specific type of season for growth.

The best types are marigolds, and other flowers which can thrive even through winters. Zinnias are in trend now a days.

Coreopsis, which will only bloom for the 83 days in summers. It requires almost 50 degrees far Lastly, sunflowers which can take every body’s heart.

Using fertilizer

Without fertilizers your soil is not going to produce some excellent fruits and flowers, that is why make sure that for each flower you are putting some extra effort of nourishing them with fertilizers.

Now a days, liquid fertilizers are highly recommended as they can seep into the roots very quickly and the soil does not to do any extra work for its absorption.

Use container

For planting some small plants and seed, you need to be sure about the protection of the new flower. Here, you can use some secure containers for keeping the growing plant safe.

You can have a metal tin, a coffee mug or any other article, which has got space for the plant to grow well, especially for the early stages.


Weeds are unavoidable and you can not avoid them at all, they will be everywhere so you are supposed to clean your flower pot every week for prefect plant growth.

Having soil with stone and mud can also be good if you are using containers, but as far as the surface is concerned then you must clean it so that their would not remain any blockage to the moisture.


The most significant step for you to do, is keep a check on the watering session. In summers you can not help but water your plant everyday, and some types needs to be watered after every few hours.

The most important thing is to make sure that you are not over watering them because it can make them wilt and instead of getting new flowers in your garden you would end up having waste materials.

Lastly, while watering the new flowers you are supposed to check the time of the day, some plants love to grow during daytime while others are night time plants.