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Exterior Doors Toronto Can Be Constructed from Various Materials: Which One Is Best?

With Toronto extreme temperature fluctuations in the entire year, it is essential to pick exterior doors Toronto that are made to withstand temperature fluctuations without breaking down. Should be able to maintain your home perfectly insulated during the cold and winters.

Five decades ago, there was only one type of material that you could choose for your exterior doors Toronto. However, these have changed, and now there are numerous materials you can choose from for your exterior doors Toronto. Steel and fibreglass materials are some of the most preferred options for the reasons we will highlight here.

Advantages of Exterior Doors Made of Fibreglass.


Fibreglass exterior door Toronto can be manufactured using a beautiful array of finishes such as stains that appear like a genuine wooden entry doors-but the price is lower than the real wooden entry doors.

Thanks to the new window technology, you can make fibreglass doors with the look of mahogany or oak wood grain. Since is the only appearance that mimics that of wood, these windows remain durable, cheap and classy.

Low Maintenance.

Entry doors Toronto are usually susceptible to warping because they are exposed to extreme weather fluctuations. However, if you choose exterior doors manufactured from fibreglass, this will not be one issue you will have to deal with. These windows do not warp, twist or bend when exposed to extreme weather conditions-this makes them ideal options for climates such as Toronto. Besides, fibreglass material is not affected by rust or rot. The material doesn’t dent or scratch. Generally, they are the best material to choose if you are looking for a low maintenance material.

Advantages of Exterior Doors Made of Steel.

Low Cost.

Steel doors have been used for a long time, and we know their advantages and disadvantages. They are some of the inexpensive exterior doors Toronto options in the market. Therefore, if this is the best choice for you if you are operating under a very strict budget. They are also found in various shades and finishes so you can be sure to get a colour that will suit your home style.

Medium Maintenance.

When compared with fibreglass entry doors Toronto, steel doors are not the easiest ones to maintain. However, they are still easy to maintain. They don’t bend or warp. However, they are prone to scratches that can expose the steel material to rust. The paint can also chip over time, and therefore, they need regular touch-ups.


As far as the insulation of exterior doors is concerned, steel comes somewhere in the middle. It offers better insulation compared to the wood exterior doors but not as excellent as fibreglass doors. Steel absorbs heat and cold. On colder days, it will feel cold and so do in hot days. That doesn’t mean you will be losing heat, but when you come close to it, you will feel cold.

What Exterior Door Should You Choose Then?

As we have seen here, both fibreglass and steel doors over excellent properties of exterior doors. So, the question remains unanswered. Which is the best material to choose? These factors will determine this:


If budget is the major concern for you, then you would want to consider steel doors since they are considerably cheaper compared to fibreglass entry doors Toronto.


This may sound out of the subject, but it really matters. Before you make a choice between these two styles of doors, ask yourself the amount of time you have for maintenance of your doors-also how long will you want to wait until the next replacement. Fibreglass is more durable than steel and requires less maintenance will last for a long time.


Where do you want to install your door? Different spaces may need different material. For doors that lead to your garage, you may want to choose steel doors since the temperature is not of much concern because garages are not heated.